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Motorola APX 6000 Radio Antennas

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The FAF5259A Antenna is UHF/GPS, R1, 380-470 mHz, 1/4 Wave, (Length 9.3CM). Radio not included

$48.50 $60.00 You save: $11.50
Motorola FAF5260A, FAF5260A, FAF5260: The FAF5260A Motorola Antenna features UHF Band, GPS, Stubby Style, Range 2, 470-520 MHz and Single Band
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Motorola NAF5085A 700-800MHz, Digital Band Antenna for APX Radio series. Designed with GPS and Optimum length for higher gain to maximize your range

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Motorola NAG4000A, NAG4000A, NAG4000: The NAG4000A Motorola Antenna features Stubby Style, GPS and is approximately 3"


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Motorola NAR6593A VHF, 136-174MHz APX radio antenna. Length 7.75


$53.50 $75.00 You save: $21.50

Motorola NAR6594A Dual Band Antenna. VHF 136-174MHz, and 700-800 Digital and has GPS. Radio not included

$19.95 $29.00 You save: $9.05

Motorola NAR6595A, NAR6595A, NAR6595: The NAR6595A Motorola Antenna features Digital Band, 700-800 MHz, Stubby, GPS and Approximate length 3.25 inches


$17.00 $21.00 You save: $4.00

Motorola PMAE4065A, PMAE4065A, PMAE4065: The PMAE4065A Motorola Antenna features UHF Band, 380-520MHz, GPS and Length 5.5 Inches


$8.65 $12.00 You save: $3.35

Motorola PMAF4002A Public Safety Mic Digital Antenna. 764-870 MHz. This antenna attaches to the remote speaker mic also known as public safety mic. Do not attach to radio. For GPS location you must purchase the NAG4000A to attach to the radio. Length 3.5 Inches


$21.60 $29.00 You save: $7.40

The PMAF4022A Antenna features Digital Band, 700/800 MHz, Stubby, 9cm Length

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