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If you’re tired of constantly needing to replace the batteries in your organization’s radio or you’re running into problems with communication because of radios with no juice, then we’re here to make your life a little simpler. Battery Distributors can help with our extensive selection of Motorola radio batteries. We’re a leading provider of high-quality battery solutions, so no matter the industry you’re in, we can make communication easy again. Whether you’re in the military, a member of law enforcement, or a first responder, our batteries will help keep your communication devices powered for longer.

Motorola handheld radio batteries are built to last.  We carry a complete line of Motorola original batteries and Motorola radio battery replacements.  If you do not see your battery listed, feel free to contact us so we can help you locate the proper Motorola radio battery for your needs. With Battery Distributors and our excellent customer service on your side, we can guarantee 100 percent satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to come to us for all your Motorola two-way radio battery needs!

Replacement PMNN4434, PMNN4434A: The CT4434 is a Replacement for the Motorola Original Battery. The CT4434 features 2100mah, Lithium Ion Chemistry, 3.7 Volts and a 12 month warranty. The CT4434 is also known as PMNN4434 and PMNN4434A  and used with the RM Series radios
Belt ClipBelt Clip not Included ChemistryLi-Ion
- 55%
The CT6305 Replaces RLN6308A, RLN6308B, RLN6308C, RLN6308, RLN6305A, RLN6305: The CT6305 Replacement Battery features 2500mah, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Chemistry, Ultra High Capacity, Belt Clip and 12 Month Warranty
ChemistryLi-Ion Milliamps2500 MAH
- 6%
The HNN9008AR Replacement for the Motorola Origianl Battery features Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh), 2500 mAh and 7.2 Volts. This HNN9008 Battery comes with much higher Milliamps than OEM  
ChemistryNiMh Milliamps2500 MAH
In stock
HNN9360 is our replacement for the OEM. Our HNN9360 features 1500mah, 7.5 Volts, NiMh Chemistry, Belt Clip and 12 month warranty.
Belt ClipBelt Clip Included ChemistryNiMh
- 31%
The PMNN4424 Replacement battery features 2900mAh, Li-Ion, Belt Clip, One Year Warranty and the best battery cells. The CT4424 is also Impres Compatible with Smart Technology. The CT4424 replaces PMNN4424
Belt ClipBelt Clip Included ChemistryLi-Ion
Motorola 53615, 53615: The 53615 Motorola Battery features Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh), 650 Milliamps, 3.6 Volts  
Warranty12 Month Warranty Milliamps650 MAH
Motorola 53871, 53871: The 53871 Replacement Battery features 4.8 Volts, 1500mAh NiMH  
Belt ClipBelt Clip not Included ChemistryNiMh
Motorola 53963, 53963, SNN5706B, SNN5706: The Motorola original battery has been discontinued and we replace your order with our brand battery The 53963 Motorola Battery features Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), 1880 Milliamps
ChemistryLi-Ion Milliamps1200 MAH
CP110: This CP110 Radio Battery is a Battery Distributors Replacement Battery for the Motorola Original CP110 Radio Battery. Lithium Ion (Li-ion), 2200 Milliamps, 7.5 Volts. High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery. Fits Radio Models: CP110, RDU2020, RDU2023, RDU2080d, RDU4100, RDU4103d, RDU4163d, RDV2020. Other compatible batteries with the same radio models: RLN6305A, RLN6305, RLN6305B, RLN6351, RLN6308B, RLN6306A, RLN6351A
Product TypeBattery
Motorola HKNN4013B, HKNN4013B, HKNN4013A, HKNN4013: The HKNN4013B Motorola Battery features High Capacity Lithium, 1800 Milliamps, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Chemistry, 3.7 Volts and works with the MotoTRBO SL 7500 Radio Series  
ChemistryLi-Ion Milliamps1800 MAH
- 16%
Motorola HNN4001A, HNN4001A, HNN4001: The HNN4001A Motorola Battery features IMPRES Technology, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh), 1800 mAh  
ChemistryNiMh Milliamps1800 MAH
- 26%
Motorola HNN4003BR, HNN4003BR, HNN4003A, HNN4003B, HNN4003: The HNN4003BR Motorola Battery features IMPRES Technology, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), 2300 mAh  
ChemistryLi-Ion Milliamps2300 MAH
- 7%
Motorola HNN9008AR, HNN9008AR, HNN9008: The HNN9008AR Motorola Battery features Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh), 1500 mAh and 7.2 Volts  
ChemistryNiMh Milliamps1500 MAH
- 16%
Motorola HNN9009AR, HNN9009AR, HNN9009: The HNN9009AR Motorola Battery features Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh), 1900 mAh  
ChemistryNiMh Milliamps1900 MAH
- 52%
Our Brand Replacement HNN9013DR is a direct replacement for the Motorola original Battery. Our HNN9013DR provides much higher Milliamps which allows longer run times in between charging. The HNN9013DR features Lithium Ion (Li-ion), 2500 mAh, 7.2 Volts and Belt Clip. The HNN9013DR is also known as HNN9013BR, HNN9013CR and HNN9013 12 Month Warranty  
Belt ClipYES ChemistryLi-Ion
Motorola HNN9031B, HNN9031B, HNN9031AR, HNN9031: The HNN9031B Motorola Battery features IMPRES Technology, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) Chemistry, 1800 Milliamps, 7.5 Volts. The HNN9031B is now replaced by the NNTN4435B, by ordering this item you will receive the NNTN4435B  
ChemistryNiMh Milliamps1800 MAH
- 12%
Motorola HNN9032B, HNN9032B, HNN9032AR, HNN9032: The HNN9032B Motorola Battery features Intrinsically Safe, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) and 7.5 Volts. The HNN9032 is now Replaced by NNTN4436, by ordering this product you will receive the NNTN4436, 1800 Milliamp, NiMh, (IS) Battery
ChemistryNiMh Intrinsically SafeYES
- 49%
The HNN9049B is a Replacement for the Motorola Battery. The HNN9049 features Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), 7.5 Volts, 1200 Milliamps, Belt Clip and 12 Month Warranty.
ChemistryNiCad Milliamps1200 MAH
- 39%
The HNN9051A is a Replacement for the Motorola Battery. The HNN9051 features Nickel Metal Hydride (NiNh), 2000 Milliamps, 7.5 Volts and Belt Clip
ChemistryNiMh Milliamps2000 MAH
- 34%
Our Replacement NNTN4190A is a direct Replacement Battery for the Motorola Original. The NNTN4190A features Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh), 1500 Milliamps, 4.8 Volts. Length 4.09, Width 1.22, Height 0.59. The NNTN4190A is also known as NNTN4190
Belt ClipBelt Clip not Included ChemistryNiMh
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