CP200d Radio Batteries, Parts and Accessories

Battery Distirbutors carries a full line of batteries, parts and accessories for the CP200d radio. The line of accessories include CP200d  radio batteries, CP200d radio holsters, CP200d radio antennas, CP200d radio chargers, CP200d radio surveillance kits, CP200d radio speaker mics, CP200d radio headsets

- 47%
Our CP200 Charger replaces Motorola WPLN4161, NNTN8353 and PMPN6588  The CP200 Charger features Tri-Chemistry, Replaceable Adapter Cups, Multi-Unit (6), Charges NiCd, NiMH, Li-PO and Li-ion Chemistries. Batteries can charge with or without the radio.  
Known AsCP200 Charger Manufacturer Battery Distributors
Motorola 3578010A01, 3578010A01: The 3578010A01 Motorola Windscreen is made of soft foam and used on boom microphones to block out wind. The 3578010A01 will work with many different headsets and radio models
Known AsMotorola 3578010A01, 3578010A01 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 5080384F72, 5080384F72: The 5080384F72 Motorola Ear Plugs features Pack of 50, Attenuating Plug, Color Yellow, High Noise Protection, Rated 24dB and will fit on most Acoustical Coiled Earpiece's in place of the Mushroom tip  
Noise CancelingNoise Canceling Yes Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosAPX 4000 LI, LTS 2000, MTX LS, XTS 5000, SL 300, XPR 7350, HT 1250 LS, XPR 6500, MTX 838, XTS 3500, APX 7000, CT150, APX 3000, MT 1500, PR 1500, EX500, XPR 7550, HT 1250 LS+, XPR 6550, MTX 850, XTS 4250, APX 7000 XE, CT250, APX 6000 LI, MT 2000, PR 860, EX560 XLS, SL 7550, HT 1550 XLS, XPR 6580, MTX 850 LS, PR 400, CT450, SRX 2200, MTS 2000, XTS 1500, EX600, CP150, XPR 7380, HT750, SL 7580, MTX 9000, CT450 LS, APX 4000, XPR 6300, MTX 8000, XTS 2250, EX600 XLS, CP185, XPR 7580, HT750 LS, SL 7590, MTX 9250, HT 1000, APX 6000 XE, XPR 6350, MTX 8250, XTS 2500, MTX 900, CP200, APX 1000, JT 1000, MTX 950, CP200d, HT 1250, XPR 6100, XPR 6380, MTX 8250 LS, XTS 3000, APX 6000, CP200 XLS
Motorola BDN6720A, BDN6720A, BDN6720: The BDN6720A Motorola Earpiece features Color Black, 1 Wire, Receive Only Earpiece, Flexible Earloop Style and Speaker that rests external to the ear
Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosSP50, CP200, EP350, CP200 XLS, EP450, CT150, CP110, PR 400, CT250, CP125, CP200d, CT450, CP150, CT450 LS, CP185 Surveillance Kits/PiecesReceive Only Earpiece
This Motorola CP200D Command Tac Battery is 3200mAh with the ability to have as much as 48 hours of standby time.  It is the highest rated battery on the market today and comes with a full 1 year manufacuturors warranty.  This battery is truly high quality.  Includes the Belt Clip.    
Known AsNNTN4497CR Manufacturer Command Tac
- 52%
CP200d Radio Charger. Safe lots of money over the Motorola. Our CP200d charger provides all the features to charge your radio batteries quickly and efficiently.  The CP200d Radio Charger features Rapid Rate, Desktop Single Unit, 110 Volt, US Plug and Tri-Chemistry
Manufacturer Battery Distributors Product TypeCharger
- 54%
The HKLN4424 is a Replacement for the Motorola Brand. The HKLN4424 comes with Single Wire, Direct Radio Connect, Comfort C Style Adjustable Earpiece and Mini In-Line Push to Talk. HKLN4424 is also known as HKLN4424A
Clothing ClipCLothing Clip Yes Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosCP200d
- 49%
The HKLN4604 is a Replacement for the OEM Motorola Brand. The HKLN4604 comes with Single Wire, Direct Radio Connect, Comfort C Style Adjustable Earpiece and Mini In-Line Push to Talk. HKLN4604 is also known as HKLN4604A and HKLN4604B
Clothing ClipCLothing Clip Yes Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosCP200d
Motorola HLN8255B, HLN8255B, HLN8255: The HLN8255B Motorola Belt Clip features Color Black, 3 Inches, Spring Action
Carry FeaturesFixed Clip, Spring Action Fits Radio ModelsPR 400, CP150, CP200, P1225, CP200d
Motorola HLN9701B, HLN9701B, HLN9701: The HLN9701B Motorola Carry Case features Durable Nylon, Snap Close Belt Loop, D Rings, Radio Strap, Flexible & Lightweight, Short DTMF and can be used with NiCd, NiMH, and Li-ion batteries  
Carry FeaturesBelt Loop, D Rings, Durable Nylon Carry Case, T Strap Fits Radio ModelsCP200, MTX 850, CP200d, HT 1550 XLS, HT 750, HT 1250 LS, PR 400, HT 1250 LS+, MTX 9250, HT 1250, MTX 8250 LS, CP150, MTX 8250
- 26%
The HLN9985B is Our brand replacement for the Motorola Waterproof Carry Bag. Our HLN9985B features Durable Clear Plastic, Long Carry Strap, Fastener that keeps moisture away from radio, Waterproof and will fit virtually any radio. NOTE: If your radio is taller than 12.5 inches with the antenna attached this bag may not fit you radio.
Carry FeaturesWaterproof Bag, Carry Strap Fits Radio ModelsAPX 4000 LI, CT250, XTS 5000, MTX 8000, XPR 7380, XPR 3500, XTS 1500, XPR 7580e, MTX 8250 LS, XPR 6350, HT 1550 XLS, LTS 2000, CT450, PR 1500, MTX 950, XPR 7550, APX 2000, XTS 2250, CP100d, HT 1250 LS, MTX 8250, XPR 6380, HT 750, CP100, PR 860, SL 7550, MTX 850, XPR 7580, CP150, XTS 2500, R2, HT 1250 LS+, XPR 6500, HT 750 LS, CP200d, PR 400, SL 7580, MTX 838, APX 1000, CP185, R7, XTS 3000, XPR 6550, HT 1250, MTX 1500, XPR 7350e, MTX LS, SL 7590, MT 2000, APX 3000, CP200, XPR 3300e, XTS 3500, XPR 6580, HT 1000, MTX 850 LS, XPR 7380e, MTX 9250, XPR 6100, MT 1500, APX 4000, CT150, XTS 4250, XPR 3500e, XPR 7350, XPR 3300, MTS 2000, XPR 7550e, MTX 9000, XPR 6300, JT 1000
- 53%
Our Brand HMN9036 is a direct replacement for the Motorola Earpiece. The HMN9036 features 2 Wire, Earbud Pellet Style, Clothing Clip, PTT and Mini Mic. The HMN9036 is also known as HMN9036A
Clothing ClipCLothing Clip Yes Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosPR 400, CP200, BPR40, CP200 XLS, CP200d, CT150, CP110, CT250, CP125, CT450, CP150, CT450 LS, CP185
Motorola HMN9754D, HMN9754D, HMN9754: The HMN9754D Motorola Surveillance Kit features Color Beige, 2 Wire, Mic and PTT Combined, Clothing Clip and Ear Loop Style
Clothing ClipCLothing Clip Yes Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosCP185, CT450, PR 400, CP150, CT250, P1225 LS, CP125, CT150, P1225, CP110, CP200d, EP450, CP200 XLS, EP350, CP200, CT450 LS, SP50
Motorola NAE6483AR, NAE6483AR, NAE6483: The NAE6483AR Motorola Antenna features UHF Band, Flexible Whip Antenna, 403-520 MHz, Steel Core, Spiral Wound Conductor. The NAE6483AR Antenna has now been replaced with the PMAE4016A. By ordering this part you will receive the PMAE4016A
AntennaPortable/Hand Held Radio Antenna BandUHF
The NLN7967A Motorola Mounting Bracket features Easy Assembly, Comes with screws. Will fit most Motorola Multi Unit Chargers The NLN7967A will fit most Motorola Multi Unit Chargers for wall mounting use
Known AsNLN7967A, NLN7967 Manufacturer Motorola
- 14%
Motorola NNTN4496AR, NNTN4496AR, NNTN4496: The NNTN4496AR Motorola Battery features Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh), 7.2 Volts, 1400 Milliamps. The NNTN4496AR is now replaced by the NNTN4851A, by ordering this item you will receive the NNTN4851A battery
ChemistryNiMh Milliamps1400 MAH
- 14%
Motorola NNTN4851A, NNTN4851A, NNTN4851: The NNTN4851A Motorola Battery features Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh), 1400mAh and 7.2 Volts
ChemistryNiMh Milliamps1400 MAH
- 25%
Motorola NNTN4970A, NNTN4970A, NNTN4970: The NNTN4970A Motorola Battery features Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), 1600mAh and 7.2 Volts  
ChemistryLi-Ion Milliamps1600 MAH
Motorola PMAE4016A, PMAE4016A, PMAE4016: The PMAE4016A Motorola Antenna features UHF Band, Color Black, 403-520 MHz, Steel Core and Whip Style
Known AsMotorola PMAE4016A, PMAE4016A, PMAE4016 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola PMLN4444A, PMLN4444A, PMLN4444: The PMLN4444A Motorola Earpiece features Over the Ear Style, Adjustable Boom Mic, Inline PTT, PTT/VOX Switch    
Clothing ClipVOX Capable Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosPRO 2150, CT450, GP300, CP185, CP200 XLS, CP200, CT450 LS, CP200d, CP150, BPR40, CT150, PR 400, CP125, CT250
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