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Two Way Radio Miscellaneous Parts and Accessories

Motorola 0104044J48, 0104044J48: The 014044J48 Motorola Bracket is the Display Bracket PORON Assembly and is used with the SL7000 Radio Series
Motorola 0105950U15, 0105950U15: The 0105950U15 Motorola Data Cable allows you to connect your DTR Series Radio to your PC and program it using the CPS Sofware, making it easier than using the internal menu. The Programming software CPS can be downloaded for free from www.motorola.com/dtr. PC/Laptop must be equipped with 9-pin serial port
Motorola 0105957T44, 0105957T44: The 0105957T44 Motorola LCD Assembly RBR is for use with XTN Radio Series
Motorola 0186638Z01, 0186638Z01: The 0186638Z01 Motorola Speaker Assembly Mod 1 works with PR400 Radio
Motorola 0186655Z01, 0186655Z01: The 0186655Z01 Motorola Limited Keypad 5 Pack
The 0378372A01 Motorola Thumb Screw is the replacement Screw for the APX and XPR Speaker Mics
Motorola 0580379B46, 0580379B46: The 0580379B46 Motorola Gromet comes as a 10 Pack and used with mobile radio antenna installation
Motorola 0782684Y01, 0782684Y01: The 0782684Y01 is a Motorola Rack Support Bracket  SMTL
Motorola 0782684Y04, 0782684Y04: The 0782684Y04 is a Motorola Rack Support Bracket
Motorola 15012157001, 15012157001: The 15012157001 Motorola Accessory Dust Cover is for use with the XPR 3000 and XPR 7000 Radio Series
Motorola 15012279001, 15012279001, 15012058001: The 15012279001 Motorola Audio Jack Cover comes as a single pack. The 15012279001 was also known as 15012058001
Motorola 1505579Z01, 1505579Z01: The 1505579Z01 Motorola Dust Cover Assembly covers the audio accessory port when not in use. See Inset photo #5 for 1505579Z01 location