Two Way Radio Chargers and Conditioners

Battery Distributors carries a complete line of Two Way Radio Battery Chargers and Conditioners to fit your needs. Our battery chargers and conditioners come in a variety of different models from single unit to multi-unit as well as maintenance and conditioning units, as well as adapter cables and power supply lines

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Our CP200 Charger replaces Motorola WPLN4161, NNTN8353 and PMPN6588  The CP200 Charger features Tri-Chemistry, Replaceable Adapter Cups, Multi-Unit (6), Charges NiCd, NiMH, Li-PO and Li-ion Chemistries. Batteries can charge with or without the radio.  
Known AsCP200 Charger Manufacturer Battery Distributors
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CTC-1-APX: The CTC-1-APX is a replacement OEM Single Unit Charger. The CTC-1-APX features A/C Plug Adapter, Replaceable Adapter Cups and 12 month warranty. Our CTC-1-APX charger is NON Impres, but will charge Impres and Non Impres batteries The CTC-1-APX replaces NNTN8860A, NNTN8860, WPLN7080 and WPLN7079
Known AsCTC-1-APX Manufacturer Command Tac
CTCM-10-APX: The CTCM-10-APX is a replacement OEM Six Unit Charger. The CTCM-10-APX features A/C Plug Adapter, Replaceable Adapter Cups and 12 month warranty. Our CTCM-10-APX charger is NON Impres, but will charge Impres and Non Impres batteries The CTCM-10-APX replaces NNTN8844
Known AsCTCM-10-APX Manufacturer Command Tac
CTCM-6-APX: The CTCM-6-APX is a replacement OEM Six Unit Charger. The CTCM-6-APX features A/C Plug Adapter, Replaceable Adapter Cups and 12 month warranty. Our CTCM-6-APX charger is NON Impres, but will charge Impres and Non Impres batteries The CTCM-6-APX replaces NNTN8844
Known AsCTCM-6-APX Manufacturer Command Tac
Motorola 25009297001, 25009297001: The 25009297001 Motorola Transformer features 90-134V AC charger transformer for rapid rate chargers
Known AsMotorola 25009297001, 25009297001 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 25012022001, 25012022001: The 25012022001 Motorola Charger features 5V 3A 15W, Transformer for Rapid Rate Charger and Works with PMLN6701 and PMLN6358  
Known AsMotorola 25012022001, 25012022001 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 2580600E01, 2580600E01: The 2580600E01 Motorola Transformer features 120 Volts and works with HTN9042A charger base and may work with others  
Known AsMotorola 2580600E01, 2580600E01 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 2580600E05, 2580600E05: The 2580600E05 Motorola Transformer features 120V, (US) Plug and the ability to utilize the Travel Charger in your vehicle or by pluging into a wall outlet. The 2580600E05 is the TRANSFORMER ONLY. The Travel Charger DC Cord plugs into the AC Transformer Cord
Known AsMotorola 2580600E05, 2580600E05 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 3004209T03, 3004209T03: The 3004209T03 Motorola Power Cord is an IMPRES Power Cord and is a replacement cord for the WPLN4111AR Impres Charger  
Known AsMotorola 3004209T03, 3004209T03 Manufacturer Motorola
The 3060665A04 Motorola Cord features versatile Interchangeability, 120V, US Plug
Known AsMotorola 3060665A04, 3060665A04 Manufacturer Motorola
The 3060665A05 Motorola Cord features versatile Interchangeability, 220V, Euro Plug
Known AsMotorola 3060665A05, 3060665A05 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 3080384G15: The 3080384G15 Motorola Original Cigarette Lighter Adapter for Motorola Conditioning Chargers. Charge your batteries and detect faulty ones on the go with this vehicular power adapter. The 3080384G15 Motorola DC Power Cord gives you the felibility to keep your batteries in peak performance while on the go
Known AsMotorola 3080384G15, 3080384G15 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 3087791G01: The 3087791G01 Motorola Power Supply Cord features 120V US Plug and will fit several multi unit chargers    
Known As3087791G01 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 53960, 53960: The 53960 Motorola Charger Features 6 Unit Charger, 110V AC and Charges the DTR Radio Series  
Known AsMotorola 53960, 53960 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 53962, 53962: The 53962 Motorola Charger features Charging Base Only, (AC Adapter NOT included). 110V AC and charges the DTR Radio Series  
Known AsMotorola 53962, 53962 Manufacturer Motorola
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This is Our Brand AAHTN3000D direct replacement for the Motorola charger. Our AAHTN3000D features Quad-Chemistry, Desktop Style, 110-volt, Replaceable Charger Cup, Rapid Charge and US Plug. The AAHTN3000D is also known as AAHTN3000C and AAHTN3000. Our AAHTN3000D also comes with a 12 month warranty. Please verify your radio is on the list below before purchasing.
Known AsMotorola AAHTN3000D, AAHTN3000D, AAHTN3000C, AAHTN3000 Manufacturer Battery Distributors
Motorola CDN6364A, CDN6364A, CDN6364: The CDN6364A Motorola BMS Adapter Plate gives you the ability to maintain and charge NiCd and NiMh batteries. The CDN6364A Adapter works with the 3 Unit NDN4005 & NDN4006 and the 6 Unit WPLN4079, WPLN4080 and WPLN4081
Known AsMotorola CDN6364A, CDN6364A, CDN6364 Manufacturer Motorola
- 52%
CP200d Radio Charger. Safe lots of money over the Motorola. Our CP200d charger provides all the features to charge your radio batteries quickly and efficiently.  The CP200d Radio Charger features Rapid Rate, Desktop Single Unit, 110 Volt, US Plug and Tri-Chemistry
Manufacturer Battery Distributors Product TypeCharger
Motorola HTN9013B, HTN9013B, HTN9013: The HTN9013B Motorola Charger features Rapid Rate, 120 Volts, 3 Hour Desktop Charger  
Known AsMotorola HTN9013B, HTN9013B, HTN9013 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola HTN9042A, HTN9042A, HTN9042: The HTN9042A Motorola Charger features Single Unit Intellicharger Rapid Rate Charger 120 Volts  
Known AsMotorola HTN9042A, HTN9042A, HTN9042 Manufacturer Motorola
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