Mobile Radio Miscellaneous Parts and Accessories

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Motorola 1580062P11, 1580062P11: The 1580062P11 Motorola Housing features Color Black, Remote Front Housing. Works with Low and Mid Power Interconnect Board and Assembly. See Inset photo #3 for picture and location
Known AsMotorola 1580062P11, 1580062P11 Manufacturer Motorola
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Motorola 3080091M01, 3080091M01: The 3080091M01 is a Motorola Spectra Mobile Radio Speaker Cable
Known AsMotorola 3080091M01, 3080091M01 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola AARKN4083A, AARKN4083A, AARKN4083: The AARKN4083A is the Motorola PROGRAM TEST CABLE W/MANUAL. The AARKN4083A allows radio programming through rear accessory connector. PM400 requires FKN8113
Known AsMotorola AARKN4083A, AARKN4083A, AARKN4083 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola GLN7318A Desktop Tray GLN7318A Desktop Tray without Speaker  
Manufacturer Motorola Product TypeMiscellaneous
The  HKN6166A Mobile Radio Cable  is an Original Motorola Cable. The  HKN6166A Cable  features a Length of 75 Feet (23 Meters). The  HKN6166A  has replaced HKN6166
Manufacturer Motorola Product TypeMiscellaneous
The  HKN6166B Mobile Radio Cable  is an Original Motorola Cable. The  HKN6166B Cable  features a Length of 75 Feet (23 Meters). The  HKN6166B  has replaced HKN6166A
Manufacturer Motorola Product TypeMiscellaneous
The  HKN6167A  Remote Mount Cable  is a Motorola Original Cable. The  HKN6167A Cable  Features a Length of 50 Feet (15 Meters). The  HKN6167A  is replacing HKN6167.  HKN6167A 
Product TypeMiscellaneous
The  HKN6167B  Remote Mount Cable  is a Motorola Original Cable. The  HKN6167B Cable  Features a Length of 50 Feet (15 Meters). The  HKN6167B  is replacing HKN6167A and HKN6167.  HKN6167B 
Product TypeMiscellaneous
Motorola HLN9242A, HLN9242A, HLN9242: The HLN9242A Motorola Accessory Kit features 16 Pin, (9) 8 Inch Wires w/Pins Attached, Housing, Pin Extractor and Expander
Known AsMotorola HLN9242A, HLN9242A, HLN9242 Manufacturer Motorola
The NNTN8749A is a Motorola Button Clip used with the NNTN8271 Clothing Clip. The NNTN8749A Button Clip allows the user the ability to attach to a Boston Leather Firemen's Strap. The NNTN8749 comes as a 5 Pack
Radio Model Speaker MicAPX 6000 XE, APX 8000, APX 8000 XE, APX 7000 XE, APX 7000, APX 6000 Known AsMotorola NNTN8749A, NNTN8749A, NNTN8749
Motorola PMKN4074A  KIT, Cable, MOTOTRBO Remote 3 Meter. This product  PMKN4074A  is replacing  PMKN4074 .  PMKN4074A  KIT, Cable, MOTOTRBO Remote 3 Meter
Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola PMLN6743A, PMLN6743A, PMLN6743: The PMLN6743A Motorola Mic Clip
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Motorola PMMN4097B, PMMN4097A, PMMN4097: The PMMN4097B Motorola Mobile Mic w/Bluetooth Gateway features the ability to Sync with Bluetooth Portable Mic (RLN6554 Sold Separately)  
Known AsPMMN4097B, PMMN4097A, PMMN4097 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola RLN6465A, RLN6465A, RLN6465: The RLN6465A is the Motorola In Dash Mounting Kit
Known AsMotorola RLN6465A, RLN6465A, RLN6465 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola RLN6466A, RLN6466A, RLN6466: The RLN6466A is the Motorola Low Profile Trunnion Kit. The RLN6466A is a mounting bracket that keeps a radio tucked up under the dashboard and can also be positioned for floor mount
Known AsMotorola RLN6466A, RLN6466A, RLN6466 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola RLN6467A, RLN6467A, RLN6467: The RLN6467A is the Motorola Standard Profile Trunnion Kit. This is a mounting bracket for under the dashboard with extra clearance so the radio can be tilted for a better view. It can also be used for floor mounting
Known AsMotorola RLN6467A, RLN6467A, RLN6467 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola RLN6468A, RLN6468A, RLN6468: The RLN6468A is the Motorola Key Lock Trunnion Kit. This mounting bracket with key lock helps provide extra protection from theft. Lock and unlock a radio easily from this mounting bracket
Known AsMotorola RLN6468A, RLN6468A, RLN6468 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola RSN4002A, RSN4002A, RSN4002: The RSN4002A is the Motorola External Speaker with 13 Watts and great for High Noise Environments
Known AsMotorola RSN4002A, RSN4002A, RSN4002 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola TKN8531C, TKN8531C: The TKN8531C Motorola KVL Keyload Cable used with both Mobile and Portable Hand Held Two Way Radios and used with (XTL5000, XTL2500 requires adapter TRN7414 for "W" Control Head and HKN6182 for "M" "O" Control Head), (XTS5000, XTS3000, XTS2500 requires adapter NTN8613), (ASTRO Spectra requires adapter TRN7414), (APX 7500 and APX Series requires adapter HKN6182), RNC, DIU, MGEG, MCC 7500 Console, KMF, PDEG and CDEM
Known AsMotorola TKN8531C, TKN8531C, TKN8531 Manufacturer Motorola