Two Way Radio Headsets & Boom Microphones

Motorola 15012094001, 15012094001, 1580376E32: The 15012094001 Motorola Muff Cover features Color Black, Single Pack of 1 and fits most heavy duty headsets. The 15012094001 has replaced 1580376E32
Known AsMotorola 15012094001, 15012094001, 1580376E32 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 3578010A01, 3578010A01: The 3578010A01 Motorola Windscreen is made of soft foam and used on boom microphones to block out wind. The 3578010A01 will work with many different headsets and radio models
Known AsMotorola 3578010A01, 3578010A01 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 4204004K01, 4204004K01: The 4204004K01 Motorola Headset Replacement Headstrap features Velcro Adjustability and used with Behind the Head Style Headsets (Not For Over the Head Style Headsets)
Known AsMotorola 4204004K01, 4204004K01 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 5080548E02, 5080548E02: The 5080548E02 Motorola Windscreen is for Headset Boom Microphone. 5080548E02 offers additional protection from wind and noisy background which is needed for consistent communication in noisy environments  
Known AsMotorola 5080548E02, 5080548E02 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 75012068001, 75012068001, 7580376E34: The 75012068001 Motorola Ear Seals features Hygenic Foam, Pack of 2 and fits several Motorola Heavy Duty Headsets. The Motorola 75012068001 has replaced 7580376E34
Known AsMotorola 75012068001, 75012068001, 7580376E34 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola AARMN4017A, AARMN4017A, AARMN4017: The AARMN4017A Motorola Headset features Ultra-Light, Over the Ear Style, Earbud Style Receiver, Streamline Boom Mic, Hands Free, Extended Wear Comfort  
Known AsMotorola AARMN4017A, AARMN4017A, AARMN4017 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola AARMN4018B, AARMN4018B, AARMN4018A, AARMN4018: The AARMN4018B Motorola Headset features Over the Head Style, Light Weight, Adjustable Headband, Noise Cancelling Adjustable Boom Mic, In-Line Push-to-Talk (PTT), Hands Free, Extended Wear Comfort, Good for Moderate Noise Levels  
Known AsMotorola AARMN4018B, AARMN4018B, AARMN4018A, AARMN4018 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola AARMN4031B, AARMN4031B, AARMN4031A, AARMN4031: PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION...The AARMN4031B Motorola Headset features Light Weight, Over the Head Style, Adjustable Headband, Adjustable Boom Mic, Hands Free, Does Not Have in-line PTT, user Must Transmit Through Transmit Button on Radio, Good for Moderate Noise Levels  
Known AsMotorola AARMN4031B, AARMN4031B, AARMN4031A, AARMN4031 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola AARMN4032A, AARMN4032A, AARMN4032: The AARMN4032A Motorola Headset features Medium Weight, Over the Head Style, Double-Muff Ear Cups, Adjustable Headband, Noise Cancelling, Adjustable Boom Mic, Hands Free, Noise Reduction Rating 24dB, Does Not Have in-line PTT, user Must Transmit Through Transmit Button on Radio, Good for Harsh Noisy Situations  
Known AsMotorola AARMN4032A, AARMN4032A, AARMN4032 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola BDN6676D, BDN6676D, BDN6676: The BDN6676D Motorola Adapter features 3.5mm Threaded Accessory Port, Quick Disconnect Latch and Push to Talk (PTT)
Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosHT 1000, MTX 838, XTS 2500, MTX 8000, XTS 2250, MTS 2000, XTS 1500, XTS 5000, MT 2000, PR 1500, XTS 4250, MT 1500, MTX LS, XTS 3500, JT 1000, MTX 9000, XTS 3000 Surveillance Kits/PiecesAudio Accessory Adapter
Motorola BDN6773A, BDN6773A, BDN6773: The BDN6773A Motorola Headset features Adjustable Headset, Boom Mic, Single Ear Muff Speaker. To Transmit you must use the transmit button on the radio
Known AsMotorola BDN6773A, BDN6773A, BDN6773 Manufacturer Motorola
- 16%
Motorola ENMN4012A, ENMN4012A, ENMN4012: The ENMN4012A Motorola Headset features Ultra Light, Over the Ear and Behind the Head Style, Single Ear Muff, Flexible Boom Mic, Hands Free, In-Line Push-to-Talk (PTT), Connects Directly to the Radio
Known AsMotorola ENMN4012A, ENMN4012A, ENMN4012 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola ENMN4016A, ENMN4016A, ENMN4016: The ENMN4016A Motorola Headset features Medium-Weight Headset, Behind the Head Style, Double-Muff Padded Ear Cups, Can be Worn with Most Safety Headgear, Adjustable Headstrap, Noise Cancelling Boom Mic, Adjustable Boom Mic, Hands Free, In-Line Push-to-Talk (PTT), Noise Reduction Rating 24dB, Connects Directly to the Radio
Known AsMotorola ENMN4016A, ENMN4016A, ENMN4016 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola HLN9482A, HLN9482A, HLN9482: The HLN9482A Motorola Adapter Adapts Multi Pin GP350 audio accessories to work with GP300  
Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosGP350, GP300 Surveillance Kits/PiecesAudio Accessory Adapter
Motorola HLN9716D, HLN9716D, HLN9716, AAHLN9716B, AAHLN9716C: The HLN9716D Motorola Accessory Adapter features Mounting Screw, Rubber Gasket Seal, Multi Pin Connection, Converts to 2 Pin Use of Accessories  
Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosHT 1550 XLS, PRO 9150 Conv, MTX 850, PRO 5450 MPT, HT 1250 LS, MTX 8250 LS, PRO 5350 LTR, HT 1250, MTX 8250, PRO 5150 Conv, GP300, LTS 2000, P1225, PRO 7150 Conv, HT750 LS, MTX 950, PRO 5750 SZ, HT750, MTX 9250, PRO 5550 PP Known AsMotorola HLN9716D, HLN9716D, HLN9716, AAHLN9716B, AAHLN9716C
Motorola HLN9900A, HLN9900A, HLN9900: The HLN9900A Motorola Audio Accessory Retainer features Screw Type Clamp that holds the Speaker Mic to the radio in order to prevent separation from the radio  
Known AsMotorola HLN9900A, HLN9900A, HLN9900 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola HMN9013B, HMN9013B, HMN9013A, HMN9013: The HMN9013B Motorola Headset features Adjustable head band for extended wear, Over the head design, Single Ear Speaker, Flexible Boom Mic. You must Transmit with PTT Button on the Radio
Known AsMotorola HMN9013B, HMN9013B, HMN9013A, HMN9013 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola HMN9021A, HMN9021A, HMN9021: The HMN9021A Motorola Headset features Adjustable Head Band, Over the Head Design, Dual Ear Muff, Noise Reduction Rating 24dB, Flexible Boom Mic
Known AsMotorola HMN9021A, HMN9021A, HMN9021 Manufacturer Motorola
- 22%
Motorola HMN9022A, HMN9022A, HMN9022: The HMN9022A Motorola Headset features Behind the Head Style, Able to be worn with some Helmets, Dual Ear Muff, Noise Reduction Rating 24dB, No PTT user Must Utilize Transmit Button on the Radio, Adjustable Boom Mic
Known AsMotorola HMN9022A, HMN9022A, HMN9022 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola JMMN4066B, JMMN4066B, JMMN4066A, JMMN4066: The JMMN4066B Motorola Headset features Light Weight, High-Clarity, Boom Mic, Inline PTT, Single Muff, Hands-Free, discreet two-way communication, while maintaining the comfort necessary for extended-wear in moderate noise environments
Known AsMotorola JMMN4066B, JMMN4066B, JMMN4066A, JMMN4066 Manufacturer Motorola
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