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Two Way Radio Speaker Mic's


This PMMN4013A is A Replacement Remote Speaker Mic for the Motorola Original PMMN4013A. This Brand PMMN4013A is a Medium Duty Speaker shoulder microphone with a high stress, swivel belt clip, 2 Prong plug in. PMMN4013A Remote Speaker Microphone with Coiled Cord and Swivel Shoulder Clip. The coiled cord allows talking and listening without removal from belt or case. Includes Push-to-talk switch, and swivel clip. NOTE: To avoid confusion, for ordering purposes, the ALPHA letter/s after the stock number is not listed. Motorola Original Part Was (HMN9030, HMN9030C, HMN9030A, PMMN4013) NOW KNOWN AS PMMN4013A

$46.00 $54.08 You save: $8.08

Motorola 0104004J29: The 0104004J29 Motorola Replacement Cord features 30" Straight Cord

$61.00 $71.93 You save: $10.93

Motorola 0104004J46: The 0104004J46 Motorola Replacement Cord features 18" Straight Cord

$79.00 $99.00 You save: $20.00

Motorola 0104004J47: The 0104004J47 Motorola Replacement Cord features 24" Straight Cord

$30.00 $37.00 You save: $7.00

Motorola 0104023J42: The 0104023J42 Motorola Remote Speaker Mic Replacement Cable fits PMMN4038 Mic

Does Not Include Mic Head


$43.00 $52.00 You save: $9.00

Motorola 0104034J90: The 0104034J90 Motorola Remote Speaker Mic Replacement Cable is for PMMN4045

Mic Head Not Included


$43.00 $52.00 You save: $9.00

Motorola 0104034J91: The 0104034J91 Motorola Remote Speaker Mic Replacement Cable Assembly for PMMN4051

Does Not Include Mic Head


$6.75 $7.90 You save: $1.15

Motorola 0105954U29, 0105954U29: The 0105954U29 Motorola Acoustic Ear Tube comes with Rubber Mushroom Eartip, Clothing Clip and Acoustical Coiled Tube


$68.25 $90.00 You save: $21.75

Motorola 30009402001: The 30009402001 Motorola Standard Temperature replacement cable for the Xtreme Remote Speaker Mic's NNTN8203A, NNTN8203ABLK, NNTN8203AYLW


$139.00 $175.00 You save: $36.00

Motorola 30009402002 XE RSM Extreme Temperature replacement cable. The Xtreme Temperature Cable is formulated with a proprietary blend of materials that offers a significantly higher jacket material melting temperature than the standard cable

$67.90 $90.00 You save: $22.10

Motorola 3075336B17: The 3075336B17 is a Motorola Original RSM Replacement Cord. The 3075336B17 works with the HMN4101, HMN4103, HMN4104. This is the replacement cord ONLY


$32.00 $40.00 You save: $8.00

Motorola 53724B, 53724B, 53724: The 53724B Motorola Speaker Mic features Coiled Cable, PTT and Single Plug 2.5mm. This remote mic will FIT most/all TALKABOUT GMS, GMRS and FRS model radios


Battery Distributors carries a complete line of Two Way Radio Speaker Mic's to fit your needs. Our 2 way speaker mics come in a variety of different models from non noise canceling to noise canceling, 3.5 mm accessorsie ports 2.5 mm accessory port, accessory ports that allow the use of ear pieces.