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Two Way Radio Speaker Mic's

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The CT4040 Remote Speaker Microphone features (IP67) Rated Submersible, 3.5mm Accessory Port, Crystal clear audio, Kevlar Coated Cable, Windporting Technology and Swivel Clip. The CT4040 also comes with a 12 Month Warranty.

The volume toggle and emergency down button may not work on all radio models listed based on how the radio configuration is set up.

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The CT4075 is designed to beat OEM. CT4075 features Large Head, Dynamic Quality Audio, WATERPROOF, 3.5mm Accessory Port, Kevlar Coated Cable, Heavy Duty Strain Relief, 360 Swivel Clip, Rated IP68 and 2 Year Warranty
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The CT4941 by Command Tac is a direct repalcement for Motorola Earpiece. The CT4941 features Coiled Black Cable, Kevlar Coated Wire, Coiled Clear Acoustical Style Earpiece, 3.5mm Plug and Mushroom Ear Bud. The CT4941 is a 3.5mm plug Non Threaded

Will fit all remote speaker mics that have a 3.5mm accessory port


This PMMN4013A is A Replacement Remote Speaker Mic for the Motorola Original PMMN4013A. This Brand PMMN4013A is a Medium Duty Speaker shoulder microphone with a high stress, swivel belt clip, 2 Prong plug in. PMMN4013A Remote Speaker Microphone with Coiled Cord and Swivel Shoulder Clip. The coiled cord allows talking and listening without removal from belt or case. Includes Push-to-talk switch, and swivel clip. NOTE: To avoid confusion, for ordering purposes, the ALPHA letter/s after the stock number is not listed. Motorola Original Part Was (HMN9030, HMN9030C, HMN9030A, PMMN4013) NOW KNOWN AS PMMN4013A

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Command Tac CT-WP-MXT3: The CT-WP-MXT3 is a direct replacement for the Motorola Remote Speaker Mic. The CT-WP-MXT3 features WATERPROOF Protection, 3.5mm Listen Only Port, and Wind Ported, Heavy Duty Kevlar Protected Cable, Swivel Clip, Superior Audio Sound and a 3 Year Warranty. The CT-WP-MXT3 replaces PMMN4051B, PMMN4051, NMN6193 and works with radios listed below
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The CT4025 Remote Speaker Microphone replaces Motorola Original. The CT4025 features Waterproof Rated, (IP68) Rated Submersible, Superior Clear Audio, 3.5mm Accessory Port, Windporting Technology and Swivel Clip. 12 Month Warranty

Motorola 0104004J29: The 0104004J29 Motorola Replacement Cord features 30" Straight Cord


Motorola 0104004J46: The 0104004J46 Motorola Replacement Cord features 18" Straight Cord


Motorola 0104034J90: The 0104034J90 Motorola Remote Speaker Mic Replacement Cable is for PMMN4045

Mic Head Not Included



Motorola 0104034J91: The 0104034J91 Motorola Remote Speaker Mic Replacement Cable Assembly for PMMN4051

Does Not Include Mic Head



Motorola 0105954U29, 0105954U29: The 0105954U29 Motorola Acoustic Ear Tube comes with Rubber Mushroom Eartip, Clothing Clip and Acoustical Coiled Tube



Motorola 30009402001: The 30009402001 Motorola Standard Temperature replacement cable for the Xtreme Remote Speaker Mic's NNTN8203A, NNTN8203ABLK, NNTN8203AYLW


Battery Distributors carries a complete line of Two Way Radio Speaker Mic's to fit your needs. Our 2 way speaker mics come in a variety of different models from non noise canceling to noise canceling, 3.5 mm accessorsie ports 2.5 mm accessory port, accessory ports that allow the use of ear pieces.