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Mobile Radio Speakers and Sirens

$58.90 $60.50 You save: $1.60
The HSN4031B comes with Cable and Plug, 7.5 watts and is made for External Use
$93.50 $104.00 You save: $10.50

Motorola HSN1000B Mobile Speaker

HSN1000B features 6 watt amplified for PA audio, also for use with XTVA mobile units


$52.00 $60.50 You save: $8.50

Motorola HSN4038A Mobile Speaker

HSN4038A Mobile Speaker is a 7.5 Watt, External Speaker, Water Resistant with remote mount and great for extreme noise environments


$33.00 $47.50 You save: $14.50

Motorola HSN8145B Mobile Radio Speaker

External 7.5 Watt Speaker for high noise environments


$47.00 $66.00 You save: $19.00

Motorola RSN4001A External 13 Watt Speaker

External 13-Watt Speaker offers a higher level of radio volume output, beneficial if you operate in an extremely noisy environment


$43.00 $48.00 You save: $5.00

Motorola RSN4003A Mobile Speaker

RSN4003A 7.5 Watt External Speaker for MotoTRBO Mobile Radio


$39.00 $44.00 You save: $5.00

Motorola RSN4004A Mobile Speaker

RSN4004A MotoTRBO 5 Watt External Speaker, Does not require junction box


$292.00 $329.00 You save: $37.00

Motorola TDN6251A Siren Speaker

TDN6251A Siren Speaker is a Motorola Public Address Kit

TDN6251A Features Round Style, External Loudspeaker, Chrome w/Black. Allows users to utilize the radio as a public address system


$135.00 $220.00 You save: $85.00

Motorola TDN6253A Mobile Radio Siren Speaker

TDN6253A Features Rectangular Style, Under the Hood Model, Gray Aluminum