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Mobile Radio Speakers and Sirens

The HSN4031B comes with Cable and Plug, 7.5 watts and is made for External Use

Motorola HSN1000B Mobile Speaker

HSN1000B features 6 watt amplified for PA audio, also for use with XTVA mobile units



Motorola HSN4038A Mobile Speaker

HSN4038A Mobile Speaker is a 7.5 Watt, External Speaker, Water Resistant with remote mount and great for extreme noise environments



Motorola HSN8145B Mobile Radio Speaker

External 7.5 Watt Speaker for high noise environments


$57.00 $66.00 You save: $9.00

Motorola RSN4001A External 13 Watt Speaker

External 13-Watt Speaker offers a higher level of radio volume output, beneficial if you operate in an extremely noisy environment



Motorola RSN4003A Mobile Speaker

RSN4003A 7.5 Watt External Speaker for MotoTRBO Mobile Radio



Motorola RSN4004A Mobile Speaker

RSN4004A MotoTRBO 5 Watt External Speaker, Does not require junction box


$155.00 $220.00 You save: $65.00

Motorola TDN6253A Mobile Radio Siren Speaker

TDN6253A Features Rectangular Style, Under the Hood Model, Gray Aluminum