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Base Station Parts and Accessories

$136.00 $145.00 You save: $9.00
The CDN6293B comes with Adjustable Headband, Noise Cancelling and Unidirectional Mic
$67.80 $82.50 You save: $14.70
The GLN7326AA comes with Speaker, Base Tray and Connection Plug
The L3276AC Motorola Original Tone Remote Adapter allows for remote control of the base station. Has 16 Frequency Operation with 4 wire audio.
$93.00 $120.00 You save: $27.00
The PMMN4098A comes with PTT, Coiled Cord and works with Digital Radio Operations
$93.00 $120.00 You save: $27.00
The RMN5050A comes with Direct Connect and Coiled Cable
The RMN5083A is OEM Brand. The RMN5083A Desktop Mic works with the XTL5000 and Control Heads W4, W5 and W7. The RMN5083A comes with direct connect and coiled cord
Base Station Parts and Accessories