TLK 100 Radio Batteries, Parts & Accessories

TLK 100 Radio Batteries, Parts & Accessories
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This PMLN7109A is our brand direct replacement for the Motorola original. Our PMLN7109A features Rapid Rate, Single Unit for Lithium Batteries, 110 Volt Plug. The PMLN7109A is also known as PMLN7109
Known AsMotorola PMLN7109A, PMLN7109A, PMLN7109 Manufacturer Battery Distributors
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This PMNN4468A is a direct replacement for the original Motorola Battery. Our PMNN4468A features 2300 Milliamps, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Chemistry, 3.7 Volts and works with the MotoTRBO SL 300 Radio Series. The SL7500 Radio Series will require the PMLN6745 battery door to fit this great battery with extended life. You can't beat the price for this great battery. PMNN4468A is also known as PMNN4468
ChemistryLi-Ion Milliamps2300 MAH
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