CP150 Radio Batteries, Parts and Accessories

Battery Distirbutors carries a full line of batteries, parts and accessories for the CP150 radio. The line of accessories include CP150  radio batteries, CP150 radio holsters, CP150 radio antennas, CP150 radio chargers, CP150 radio surveillance kits, CP150 radio speaker mics, CP150 radio headsets

Motorola 0180300E25, 0180300E25: The 0180300E25 Motorola Earguard comes with Adjustable Loop and helps keep Earpiece's in place
Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosP1225 LS, HT 1250 LS, MTX 8250, CP200, PRO 7150 Conv, MTX 9000, HT 1550 XLS, XTS 1500, CT450 LS, P1225, HT 1250, MTS 2000, PRO 5550 PP, MTX 900, HT 1250 LS+, SP50, CT450, P110, HT 1000, MT 2000, PRO 5350 LTR, MTX 850 LS, PRO 9150 Conv, CT250, MX800, XTS 5000, EX600 XLS, PRO 5150 Conv, MTX 850, PRO 7550 PP, CT150, MTX LS, LTS 2000, XTS 3500, EX600, PR 860, MTX 838, PRO 7350 LTR, CP200 XLS, MTX 950, JT 1000, XTS 2500, EX560 XLS, PR 400, MTX 8250 LS, CP150, PRO 7150 Elite, MTX 9250, HT750, XTS 2250, EX500 Surveillance Kits/PiecesEMS PTT Ring Switch
Motorola 1505596Z02, 1505596Z02: The 1505596Z02 Motorola Strap for extending sizes larger than 40 Inches. This strap is compatible with HLN6602A Chest Pack and RLN4570A Break A Way Chest Pack  
Carry FeaturesChest Pack Extension Belt Fits Radio ModelsAPX 4000 LI, XPR 3500, PR 400, XTS 1500, HT 1550 XLS, XPR 7380, LTS 2000, CT450, PR 1500, XPR 6350, MTX 950, APX 6000, APX 2000, MTX LS, XTS 2250, XPR 7550, HT 1250 LS, HT 750, CP100, PR 860, XPR 6380, MTX 850, APX 6000 LI, CP150, SL 7550, MTX 9250, XTS 2500, XPR 7580, HT 1250 LS+, HT 750 LS, XPR 6500, MTX 838, APX 6000 XE, CP185, XTS 3000, SL 7580, MTX 9000, APX 1000, HT 1250, MTX 1500, XPR 6550, MT 2000, APX 7000, CP200, XTS 3500, SL 7590, MTX 8250 LS, APX 3000, HT 1000, MTX 850 LS, MT 1500, XPR 6580, APX 7000 XE, CT150, XTS 4250, XPR 6100, MTX 8250, APX 4000, XPR 3300, MTS 2000, JT 1000, XPR 7350, SRX 2200, CT250, XTS 5000, XPR 6300, MTX 8000
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Motorola 1586437Z02, 1586437Z02, 1586437Z01: The 1586437Z02 Motorola Audio Jack Shroud for the Accessory Port. See Inset photo #12 for 1586437Z02 Location
Known AsMotorola 1586437Z02, 1586437Z02, 1586437Z01 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 25009297001, 25009297001: The 25009297001 Motorola Transformer features 90-134V AC charger transformer for rapid rate chargers
Known AsMotorola 25009297001, 25009297001 Manufacturer Motorola
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Motorola 3286435Z01, 3286435Z01: The 3286435Z01 Motorola Seal, Battery Contact Block. See Inset photo #16 for 3286435Z01 Location
Known AsMotorola 3286435Z01, 3286435Z01 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 3680529Z01, 3680529Z01: The 3680529Z01 Motorola Knob features Polyurethane Plastic and is a Volume Knob
Known AsMotorola 3680529Z01, 3680529Z01 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 3680530Z02, 3680530Z02: The 3680530Z02 Motorola Knob features Polyurethane Plastic and is a Frequency Knob
Known AsMotorola 3680530Z02, 3680530Z02 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 4204004K01, 4204004K01: The 4204004K01 Motorola Headset Replacement Headstrap features Velcro Adjustability and used with Behind the Head Style Headsets (Not For Over the Head Style Headsets)
Known AsMotorola 4204004K01, 4204004K01 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 4280483B03, 4280483B03: The 4280483B03 Motorola Belt Loop features 2.5 Inch, High Activity Loop. The 4280483B03 can be used with HLN9416A, HLN9417A, HLN9323A and HLN9239A Holsters
Known AsMotorola 4280483B03, 4280483B03 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 5080370E97, 5080370E97: The 5080370E97 Motorola Eartips features Color Clear, Soft Rubber and is designed to attach/replace the eartip on the acoustical coiled ear tube  
Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosHT750 LS, EX500, PR 400, XPR 7550, PRO 5350 LTR, MTX 9250, XTS 2250, CP200d, HT 1000, MTX 8250, SP21, PR 860, XPR 6100, XPR 6300, CT250, PRO 7550 PP, JT 1000, EX560 XLS, PRO 7150 Elite, XPR 7380, PRO 5450 MPT, MTX 950, HT 1250, XTS 2500, MTX 8250 LS, APX 6000, PRO 5150 Conv, XPR 7350, XPR 6350, CT450, PRO 7750 SZ, LTS 2000, EX600, APX 4000, XPR 7580, PRO 5550 PP, MTX LS, HT 1250 LS, XTS 3000, MTX 838, APX 7000, XPR 6380, CT450 LS, PRO 9150 Conv, MT 1500, EX600 XLS, P110, APX 6000 XE, APX 4000 LI, CP150, PRO 5750 SZ, HT 1250 LS+, XTS 3500, MTX 850, APX 7000 XE, XPR 6500, GP350, SP50, MT 2000, GP300, P1225, PRO 5150 ELITE, APX 3000, CP200, PRO 7150 Conv, HT 1550 XLS, XTS 4250, MTX 850 LS, EP350, VISAR, XPR 6550, GTX LTR, MTS 2000, MTX 900, P1225 LS, XPR 3300, APX 6000 LI, CP200 XLS, PRO 7350 LTR, HT750, XTS 5000, MTX 9000, EP450, XTS 1500, XPR 6580, GTX Privacy Plus, MTX 8000, SP10, PR 1500, XPR 3500, SRX 2200, CT150, PRO 7450 MPT Surveillance Kits/PiecesStandard Rubber Eartips
Motorola 5080384F72, 5080384F72: The 5080384F72 Motorola Ear Plugs features Pack of 50, Attenuating Plug, Color Yellow, High Noise Protection, Rated 24dB and will fit on most Acoustical Coiled Earpiece's in place of the Mushroom tip  
Noise CancelingNoise Canceling Yes Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosLTS 2000, APX 4000 LI, XTS 5000, MTX LS, SL 300, XPR 7350, HT 1250 LS, MTX 838, XPR 6500, XTS 3500, CT150, APX 7000, MT 1500, APX 3000, EX500, PR 1500, HT 1250 LS+, XPR 7550, MTX 850, XPR 6550, XTS 4250, CT250, APX 7000 XE, MT 2000, APX 6000 LI, EX560 XLS, PR 860, HT 1550 XLS, SL 7550, MTX 850 LS, XPR 6580, CT450, PR 400, MTS 2000, SRX 2200, XTS 1500, CP150, EX600, HT750, XPR 7380, MTX 9000, SL 7580, CT450 LS, APX 4000, MTX 8000, XPR 6300, XTS 2250, CP185, EX600 XLS, HT750 LS, XPR 7580, MTX 9250, SL 7590, HT 1000, APX 6000 XE, MTX 8250, XPR 6350, XTS 2500, CP200, MTX 900, JT 1000, APX 1000, MTX 950, CP200d, XPR 6100, HT 1250, MTX 8250 LS, XPR 6380, XTS 3000, CP200 XLS, APX 6000
Motorola 5080548E02, 5080548E02: The 5080548E02 Motorola Windscreen is for Headset Boom Microphone. 5080548E02 offers additional protection from wind and noisy background which is needed for consistent communication in noisy environments  
Known AsMotorola 5080548E02, 5080548E02 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 8504762J01, 8504762J01: The 8504762J01 Motorola Antenna features VHF Band, 136-155 MHz, Whip Style and 5.5 Inch Length. Flexible Whip Antennas have a one-piece finish, steel core, and spiral wound conductor for optimal radiation characteristics
AntennaPortable/Hand Held Radio Antenna BandVHF
Motorola 8504762J02, 8504762J02: The 8504762J02 Motorola Antenna features VHF Band, Whip Antenna, 155-174 MHz, 5.5 Inches, One Piece Finish, Steel Core, and Spiral Wound Conductor  
AntennaPortable/Hand Held Radio Antenna BandVHF
Motorola AAPMKN4003A, AAPMKN4003A, AAPMKN4003: The AAPMKN4003A is the Motorola Cloning Cable and is 2.5mm in length
Known AsMotorola AAPMKN4003A, AAPMKN4003A, AAPMKN4003 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola AAPMKN4004A, AAPMKN4004A, AAPMKN4004: The AAPMKN4004A is the Motorola Test & Programming Cable. The AAPMKN4004A Programming/Test Cable connects the radio to the RLN4008 Radio Interface Box (RIB) for radio programming, and/or to the RLN4460 Radio Test Set for radio testing. The RIB and the radio test set can be connected at the same time and not interfere with each other
Known AsMotorola AAPMKN4004A, AAPMKN4004A, AAPMKN4004 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola BDN6720A, BDN6720A, BDN6720: The BDN6720A Motorola Earpiece features Color Black, 1 Wire, Receive Only Earpiece, Flexible Earloop Style and Speaker that rests external to the ear
Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosSP50, CP200, EP350, CP200 XLS, EP450, CT150, CP110, PR 400, CT250, CP125, CP200d, CT450, CP150, CT450 LS, CP185 Surveillance Kits/PiecesReceive Only Earpiece
Motorola BDN6773A, BDN6773A, BDN6773: The BDN6773A Motorola Headset features Adjustable Headset, Boom Mic, Single Ear Muff Speaker. To Transmit you must use the transmit button on the radio
Known AsMotorola BDN6773A, BDN6773A, BDN6773 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola HAD9742A, HAD9742A, HAD9742: The HAD9742A Motorola Antenna features VHF Band, Stubby Antenna, 146-162 MHz
AntennaPortable/Hand Held Radio Antenna BandVHF
Motorola HAD9743A, HAD9743A, HAD9743: The HAD9743A Motorola Antenna features VHF Band, Stubby Antenna, 162-174 MHz
AntennaPortable/Hand Held Radio Antenna BandVHF
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