CP110 Radio Batteries, Parts and Accessories

Battery Distirbutors carries a full line of batteries, parts and accessories for the CP110 radio. The line of accessories include CP110  radio batteries, CP110 radio holsters, CP110 radio antennas, CP110 radio chargers, CP110 radio surveillance kits, CP110 radio speaker mics, CP110 radio headsets

This PMMN4013A is A Replacement Remote Speaker Mic for the Motorola Original PMMN4013A. This Brand PMMN4013A is a Medium Duty Speaker shoulder microphone with a high stress, swivel belt clip, 2 Prong plug in. PMMN4013A Remote Speaker Microphone with Coiled Cord and Swivel Shoulder Clip. The coiled cord allows talking and listening without removal from belt or case. Includes Push-to-talk switch, and swivel clip. NOTE: To avoid confusion, for ordering purposes, the ALPHA letter/s after the stock number is not listed. Motorola Original Part Was (HMN9030, HMN9030C, HMN9030A, PMMN4013) NOW KNOWN AS PMMN4013A
Clothing ClipSwivel Clip Warranty12 Month
- 55%
The CT6305 Replaces RLN6308A, RLN6308B, RLN6308C, RLN6308, RLN6305A, RLN6305: The CT6305 Replacement Battery features 2500mah, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Chemistry, Ultra High Capacity, Belt Clip and 12 Month Warranty
ChemistryLi-Ion Milliamps2500 MAH
Motorola 3675074C01, 3675074C01: The 3675074C01 is the Motorola Volume Knob used with RDX Radio Series and CP110
Known AsMotorola 3675074C01, 3675074C01 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 4204004K01, 4204004K01: The 4204004K01 Motorola Headset Replacement Headstrap features Velcro Adjustability and used with Behind the Head Style Headsets (Not For Over the Head Style Headsets)
Known AsMotorola 4204004K01, 4204004K01 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 5080548E02, 5080548E02: The 5080548E02 Motorola Windscreen is for Headset Boom Microphone. 5080548E02 offers additional protection from wind and noisy background which is needed for consistent communication in noisy environments  
Known AsMotorola 5080548E02, 5080548E02 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola 56518, 56518: The 56518 Motorola Earpiece features D Style, Color Black, Slimline Boom Mic and Clothing Clip  
Clothing ClipCLothing Clip Yes Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosVL50, DTR410, RDV 2020, CP110, RDU 4100, DTR650, RDU 2080d, DTR550, RDU 2020
Motorola BDN6720A, BDN6720A, BDN6720: The BDN6720A Motorola Earpiece features Color Black, 1 Wire, Receive Only Earpiece, Flexible Earloop Style and Speaker that rests external to the ear
Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosSP50, CP200, EP350, CP200 XLS, EP450, CT150, CP110, PR 400, CT250, CP125, CP200d, CT450, CP150, CT450 LS, CP185 Surveillance Kits/PiecesReceive Only Earpiece
Motorola BDN6773A, BDN6773A, BDN6773: The BDN6773A Motorola Headset features Adjustable Headset, Boom Mic, Single Ear Muff Speaker. To Transmit you must use the transmit button on the radio
Known AsMotorola BDN6773A, BDN6773A, BDN6773 Manufacturer Motorola
CP110: This CP110 Radio Battery is a Battery Distributors Replacement Battery for the Motorola Original CP110 Radio Battery. Lithium Ion (Li-ion), 2200 Milliamps, 7.5 Volts. High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery. Fits Radio Models: CP110, RDU2020, RDU2023, RDU2080d, RDU4100, RDU4103d, RDU4163d, RDV2020. Other compatible batteries with the same radio models: RLN6305A, RLN6305, RLN6305B, RLN6351, RLN6308B, RLN6306A, RLN6351A
Product TypeBattery
Motorola HMN9013B, HMN9013B, HMN9013A, HMN9013: The HMN9013B Motorola Headset features Adjustable head band for extended wear, Over the head design, Single Ear Speaker, Flexible Boom Mic. You must Transmit with PTT Button on the Radio
Known AsMotorola HMN9013B, HMN9013B, HMN9013A, HMN9013 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola HMN9021A, HMN9021A, HMN9021: The HMN9021A Motorola Headset features Adjustable Head Band, Over the Head Design, Dual Ear Muff, Noise Reduction Rating 24dB, Flexible Boom Mic
Known AsMotorola HMN9021A, HMN9021A, HMN9021 Manufacturer Motorola
- 22%
Motorola HMN9022A, HMN9022A, HMN9022: The HMN9022A Motorola Headset features Behind the Head Style, Able to be worn with some Helmets, Dual Ear Muff, Noise Reduction Rating 24dB, No PTT user Must Utilize Transmit Button on the Radio, Adjustable Boom Mic
Known AsMotorola HMN9022A, HMN9022A, HMN9022 Manufacturer Motorola
- 53%
Our Brand HMN9036 is a direct replacement for the Motorola Earpiece. The HMN9036 features 2 Wire, Earbud Pellet Style, Clothing Clip, PTT and Mini Mic. The HMN9036 is also known as HMN9036A
Clothing ClipCLothing Clip Yes Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosPR 400, CP200, BPR40, CP200 XLS, CP200d, CT150, CP110, CT250, CP125, CT450, CP150, CT450 LS, CP185
Motorola HMN9051A, HMN9051A, HMN9051: This HMN9051A Motorola Speaker Mic features Swivel Lapel Clip, 2 Prong Plug and Coiled Cord  
Clothing ClipSwivel Lapel Clip Warranty12 Month
Motorola HMN9727B, HMN9727B, HMN9727: The HMN9727B Motorola Earpiece features Color Beige, 1 Wire, Receive Only, Urethane Ear Loop
Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosCP200d, P1225, CP200, P1225 LS, CP200 XLS, SP50, CT150, CP110, EP350, CT250, CP125, EP450, CT450, CP150, PR 400, CT450 LS, CP185 Surveillance Kits/PiecesReceive Only Earpiece
Motorola HMN9754D, HMN9754D, HMN9754: The HMN9754D Motorola Surveillance Kit features Color Beige, 2 Wire, Mic and PTT Combined, Clothing Clip and Ear Loop Style
Clothing ClipCLothing Clip Yes Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosCP185, CT450, PR 400, CP150, CT250, P1225 LS, CP125, CT150, P1225, CP110, CP200d, EP450, CP200 XLS, EP350, CP200, CT450 LS, SP50
- 60%
The PMLN4294 is a direct replacement for the Motorola Original Earpiece features Ear Set Style, In-Line PTT/Mic, Clothing Clip and Direct Radio Connect. PMLN4294 is also known as PMLN4294C, PMLN4294D 12 Month Warranty
Clothing ClipCLothing Clip Yes Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosBPR40, CP200, CT150, CT250, CP110, CT450, CP125, CT450 LS, CP150, VL130, CP185
Motorola PMLN4445A, PMLN4445A, PMLN4445: The PMLN4445A Motorola Headset features Ultra Lightweight, In-Line Push-to-Talk (PTT)/VOX Switch. The PTT/VOX switch allows the user to go hands free or use the PTT  
Known AsMotorola PMLN4445A, PMLN4445A, PMLN4445 Manufacturer Motorola
Motorola PMLN4605A, PMLN4605A, PMLN4605: The PMLN4605A Motorola Earpiece features Coiled Tube and Mushroom Tip. The PMLN4605A is a replacement tube for the PMLN4606 surveillance kit
Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosCP125, CP110, BPR40, CP200, CP185, CP150 Surveillance Kits/PiecesTranslucent Acoustical Coiled Tube
- 55%
The PMLN4606A is our direct replacement for Motorola Brand Surveillance Kit. The PMLN4606 features 2 Wires, Acoustical Tube, Coiled Tube, Mushroom Tip, PTT and Direct Radio Connect. PMLN4606 is also known as PMLN4606A 12 Month Warranty
Clothing ClipCLothing Clip Yes Surveillance Equipment Fits RadiosCP150, CP200 XLS, CP110, BPR40, PR 400, CP125, CP200d, CP185, CP200, VL130
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