Battery Distributors carries a full line of New OEM 3M PELTOR Headsets which include Over the Peltro Head Headsets, Peltor Behind The Head Headsets, Peltor Listen Only Headsets, Peltor Tactical Headsets, Peltor MT Series Headsets, Peltro HT Series Headsets, Peltor Over the Head Headsets, Peltor Neckband Headsets, and Peltor Hardhat Mounted Headsets. Battery Distributors also offers the best online pricing for 3M PELTOR Headsets. Battery Distributors gives a 12 month warranty on ALL 3M PELTER HEADSETS

- 23%
PELTOR HTM79A-24, HTM79A-24: The HTM79A-24 PELTOR Headset features Black Color, Over-The-Head Style, Listen Only, Coiled Cord, 3.5mm L Shape NON Threaded Plug, Replaceable Ear Seals, Dual Muff and Rated 25dB. The HTM79A-24 is designed for high noise environments where users must hear information clearly, but seldom need to transmit  
Known As3M PELTOR HTM79A-24, PELTOR HTM79A-24, HTM79A-24, HTM79A Manufacturer Peltor 3M
- 8%
PELTOR HTM79A-42, HTM79A-42: The HTM79A-42 PELTOR Headset features Over-the-Head Style, Dual Ear Muff, Noise Reduction Rating 25dB, 3.5mm Straight Threaded Jack, Great for Noisy Environments where the user needs to hear critical information with limited need to Transmit  
Known As3M PELTOR HTM79A-42, PELTOR HTM79A-42, HTM79A-42 Manufacturer Peltor 3M
- 4%
PELTOR MT7H79B, MT7H79B: MT7H79B PELTOR Headset features Heavy Duty, Behind the Head Neckband Style, 24dB Noise Reduction Rating, Noise Cancelling Boom Mic, Dual Ear Muff, Flexible Boom Mic, Great for Noisy Environments. The MT7H79B Can be worn with or without Helmet and is suitable for Heavy Equipment, Airport, Construction, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Racing working environments. The MT7H79B Headset comes with Nexus Male Plug  
Known AsPELTOR MT7H79B, MT7H79B Manufacturer Peltor 3M
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