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Motorola GP1280 Battery

by Anthony Pirone
GP1280 Battery
The Motorola GP1280 Battery can come in different milliamps and chemisrty to meet your needs.  You can get a 1200 mAh NiCd battery, 2000 mAh NiMh battery or a Motorola GP1280 Battery that is Lithium Ion with 2500 mAh of Power.  The most important difference between all of these batteries can be found in their weight, ability to hold a charge and memory.  The NiCd battereis are usually the least expensive and do have a memory affect.  This means that you have to take care when charging them.  The NiCd batteries are also the heaviest.  The NiMh do not show the same signs of memory loss as the NiCd do meaning you don't have to worry as much about them loosing thier copacity as fast as the NiCd through frequent charging.  The Lithium Ion GP1280 Battery will give you the lightest weight along with the longest and largest charging capacity.  Lithium Ion Batteris do not have a memory issue so you can put them on and off the charger as often as you would like.  All 3 GP1280 Batteries will charge both in the radio or in the charger by themselves depending on what type of charger you have.


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