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Motorola RLN4941 Listen Only Earpiece for descrite listening

by: Anthony Pirone
The RLN4941 Earpiece is a listen only that can be used with almost all remote speaker mics that have a 3.5mm accessory port.  It has a detachable clear tube with a mushroom tip that can be removed and replaced.  This is often used by detectives to allow them to have incoming communications remain quiet and between them and their partners.  The clear tubes can be cleaned...

Motorola GP1280 Battery

GP1280 Battery
by: Brandon Van Dine
The Motorola GP1280 Battery can come in different milliamps and chemisrty to meet your needs.  You can get a 1200 mAh NiCd battery, 2000 mAh NiMh battery or a Motorola GP1280 Battery that is Lithium Ion with 2500 mAh of Power.  The most important difference between all of these batteries can be found in their weight, ability to hold a charge and memory.  The NiCd...