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Motorola XTS 5000 Radio Miscellaneous Parts

Motorola 0105956T85, 0105956T85: The 0105956T85 Motorola PC CELL PACK ASSEMBLY features and includes Speaker, Poti Volume, Emergency Switch, Toggle Switch 3 Position, Channel Concentric Switch. See Inset photos #18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 for the 0105956T85 location and what's included. Will also work with XTS5000 Radio Models I, II and III
$24.00 $26.00 You save: $2.00
Motorola Original 0985973B04 Battery Contact Assembly. Description of 0985973B04 Conccetor Power-DC Power, MM, 3, Conn, Battery Contract Assy
Motorola 1305374Z03, 1305374Z03: The 1305374Z03 Motorola Frequency Escutcheon comes as a 10 Pack and for use with XTS5000. See Inset photo #12 for 1305374Z03 location
Motorola 1505579Z01, 1505579Z01: The 1505579Z01 Motorola Dust Cover Assembly covers the audio accessory port when not in use. See Inset photo #5 for 1505579Z01 location
Motorola 1571960L01, 1571960L01: The 1571960L01 Motorola is a  Heavy Duty Dust Cover Assembly
Motorola 1585468D37, 1585468D37: The 1585468D37 Motorola Housing features Color Black and Model 1. Does NOT come with any electronics
Motorola 1585468D38, 1585468D38, 1585468D08: The 1585468D38 Motorola Housing features Color Black, Model 2 and Limited Keypad
Motorola 1585468D39, 1585468D39: The 1585468D39 Motorola Housing features Color Black, Model 3, Full Keypad and Does NOT come with any electronics
$121.40 $125.00 You save: $3.60
Motorola 1585468D40, 1585468D40: The 1585468D40 Motorola Housing features Model M1, No Keypad, Ruggedized and Color Yellow
Motorola 1585468D41, 1585468D41: The 1585468D41 Motorola Housing features Model M2, Color Yellow, Ruggedized, Limited Keypad
$124.40 $130.00 You save: $5.60
Motorola 1585468D42, 1585468D42: The 1585468D42 Motorola Housing features Color Yellow, Model M3, Full Keypad and Ruggedized
$110.50 $120.00 You save: $9.50
Motorola 1585468D43, 1585468D43: The 1585468D43 Motorola Housing features Color Black, Ruggedized Housing, Model M1, No Keypad

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