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Motorola XTS 3500 Radio Surveillance Kits & Earpieces

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Motorola 0180300E25, 0180300E25: The 0180300E25 Motorola Earguard comes with Adjustable Loop and helps keep Earpiece's in place

$157.80 $159.00 You save: $1.20

Motorola 0180300E83, 0180300E83: The 0180300E83 Motorola Body PTT features Large PTT Swivel Clip and Activated Applying Pressure Anywhere on the switch with Arm, Hand or Elbow. The 0180300E83 is Only The Replacement Remote PTT Body Switch



Motorola 0180305J46, 0180305J46: The 0180305J46 Motorola CD-ROM discusses the bone conduction technology used in these accessories, and shows how the product features can benefit Public Safety workers plus users in other target markets


$42.50 $55.75 You save: $13.25

Motorola 5080358B28, 5080358B28: The 5080358B28 Motorola Eartips features Color Black, Size Medium, 10 Pack and Designed for use with BDN6677


$42.50 $55.75 You save: $13.25

Motorola 5080358B29, 5080358B29: The 5080358B29 Motorola Eartips features Color Black, Size Large, 10 Pack and Designed for use with BDN6677

$31.00 $36.75 You save: $5.75
Motorola 5080369E38, 5080369E38: The 5080369E38 Motorola Earloop features Color Beige, Ear Loop and Mushroom Tip
Motorola 5080369E40, 5080369E40: The 5080369E40 Motorola Earloop features Color Beige and Soft Rubber for Comfort
$31.20 $36.75 You save: $5.55
Motorola 5080370E90, 5080370E90: The 5080370E90 Motorola Earpiece Assembly features Soft Ear Loop, Mushroom Tip and Earphone
$27.00 $29.25 You save: $2.25

Motorola 5080370E97, 5080370E97: The 5080370E97 Motorola Eartips features Color Clear, Soft Rubber and is designed to attach/replace the eartip on the acoustical coiled ear tube


$88.50 $116.50 You save: $28.00

Motorola 5080384F72, 5080384F72: The 5080384F72 Motorola Ear Plugs features Pack of 50, Attenuating Plug, Color Yellow, High Noise Protection, Rated 24dB and will fit on most Acoustical Coiled Earpiece's in place of the Mushroom tip


$49.00 $60.00 You save: $11.00
Motorola 5080386B90, 5080386B90: The 5080386B90 Motorola Mushroom Tips features Pack of 25 Mushroom Eartips and Color Clear
$32.30 $40.00 You save: $7.70
Motorola BDN6664A, BDN6664A, BDN6664: The BDN6664A Motorola Earpiece features Color Beige, Single Wire, Receive Only, Soft Earloop, Mushroom Tip and 3.5mm Threaded Plug

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