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Motorola XTS 3000 Radio Miscellaneous Parts

Motorola 0705368Z01, 0705368Z01: The 0705368Z01 Bracket Flex is for use with  XTS3000 Radio
Motorola 1305374Z01, 1305374Z01: The 1305374Z01 Motorola Frequency Escutcheon is for the XTS3000 Radio. See Inset photo #2 for the 1305374Z01 location
Motorola 1505579Z01, 1505579Z01: The 1505579Z01 Motorola Dust Cover Assembly covers the audio accessory port when not in use. See Inset photo #5 for 1505579Z01 location
Motorola 1585506D07, 1585506D07: The 1585506D07 Motorola Housing features Color Black, Standard Housing, Model M3, Full Keypad, 41-Pin, AAD
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Motorola 5880384G68, 5880384G68: The 5880384G68 Motorola Adapter allows the ability to connect to the antenna port for test equipment


Motorola 6685687A02, 6685687A02: The 6685687A02 Motorola RF Adapter Tool is used for installing the RF ADAPTER on XTS3000, XTS3500 and XTS5000 portable radios
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Motorola 6881083C85, 6881083C85: The 6881083C85 Motorola Basic Service Manual is for the XTS3000 Radio
Motorola 6881083C90, 6881083C90: The 6881083C90 Motorola Detailed Service Manual is for use with the XTS3000 Radio
Motorola 7505293Z03, 7505293Z03: The 7505293Z03 Motorola Keypad is for use with XTS3000 Radio Model 3
Motorola NLN9839A, NLN9839A, NLN9839: The NLN9839A Motorola Vacuum Pump is for Field Install and Testing and comes with Vacuum Pump, Gauge and Vacuum Hose
$360.00 $401.00 You save: $41.00
Motorola NNTN8737A: The NNTN8737A Motorola Adapter is for use with the wireless pods and allows the use of off the shelf 3.5mm earbuds
$1,049.00 $1,208.00 You save: $159.00

The NTN1606F BNC is a Motorola Original XTVA Console BNC. The NTN1606F allows the users to adapt their portable radios for use as mobile operation. Provides in vehicle rapid and trickle charging for NiCad, NiMh, and Lithium batteries. The NTN1606F offers quick release and dead battery operation and are powered by attching their supply cable to the 12 Volt battery insde the vehicle. The NTN1606F has replaced NTN1606E

Battery Distributors carries all miscellaneous parts for the XTS 3000 Portable Radio