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Motorola XTS 2500 Radio Miscellaneous Parts

Motorola 1505579Z01, 1505579Z01: The 1505579Z01 Motorola Dust Cover Assembly covers the audio accessory port when not in use. See Inset photo #5 for 1505579Z01 location
Motorola 1571960L01, 1571960L01: The 1571960L01 Motorola is a  Heavy Duty Dust Cover Assembly
Motorola 3680529Z01, 3680529Z01: The 3680529Z01 Motorola Knob features Polyurethane Plastic and is a Volume Knob
Motorola 6881094C10, 6881094C10: The 6881094C10 Motorola is the Detailed Service Manual
Motorola 72009264001, 72009264001, 7285726C04: The 72009264001 Motorola LCD Display Module is replacing 7285726C04
Motorola NLN9839A, NLN9839A, NLN9839: The NLN9839A Motorola Vacuum Pump is for Field Install and Testing and comes with Vacuum Pump, Gauge and Vacuum Hose
$74.10 $89.25 You save: $15.15

Motorola NTN8613C, NTN8613C, NTN8613A, NTN8613B, NTN8613: The NTN8613C Motorola Adapter features Surveillance Kit Adapter, Key Load Adapter, Female 6 Pin Hirose with Quick Release. The NTN8613C Radio Adapter is utilized for programming radios and to use surveillance equipment with a Hirose Quick Release


$419.00 $435.00 You save: $16.00
Motorola PMLN4792E, PMLN4792E, PMLN4792A, PMLN4792B, PMLN4792C, PMLN4792D, PMLN4792: The PMLN4792B is the Motorola XTS 2500 Radio Housing V, U1 & U2 Sub F/C M2 Model
$95.50 $99.00 You save: $3.50

Motorola PMLN5792A, PMLN5792A, PMLN5792: The PMLN5792A Motorola Adapter features Wireless Bluetooth Adapter, Quick Disconnect, PTT Push to Talk, Blue LED Active Connection Status, Toggle Ability between Bluetooth & Radio, Provides Secure 128 bit encryption. The Toggle switch is critical in keeping radio transmition without interruption if the earpiece gets pulled from the ear

Motorola RKN4105A, RKN4105A, RKN4105: The RKN4105A is the Motorola USB Programming Cable
Motorola RKN4106A, RKN4106A, RKN4106: The RKN4106A is the Motorola RS232 Programming Cable. Software is not Included
$435.00 $470.00 You save: $35.00
Motorola RKN4108A, RKN4108A, RKN4108: The RKN4108A is the Motorola Cloning Cable and allows the radio settings to transfer from radio to radio

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