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Motorola RDV2020 Radio Batteries

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Motorola RLN6306A, RLN6306A, RLN6306: The RLN6306A Motorola Battery Shell features the ability to utilize as a backup power supply when needed. The clamshell uses 5 Akaline Batteries that are sold separately

$60.40 $110.00 You save: $49.60

Motorola RLN6308C, RLN6308C, RLN6308A, RLN6308B RLN6308: The RLN6308C Motorola Battery features Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Chemistry, Ultra High Capacity

$49.40 $80.00 You save: $30.60

Motorola RLN6351C, RLN6351C, RLN6351A, RLN6351B, RLN6351: The RLN6351C Motorola Battery features Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Chemistry, Standard Capacity

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