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Motorola PR 400 Radio Miscellaneous Parts

Motorola 0104020J41, 0104020J41, 0104017J18: The 0104020J41 Motorola Board Assembly is the Full Keypad Board. 0104020J41 is replacing 0104017J18
Motorola 0186638Z01, 0186638Z01: The 0186638Z01 Motorola Speaker Assembly Mod 1 works with PR400 Radio
Motorola 0186639Z03, 0186639Z03: The 0186639Z03 Motorola Microphone Plug Assembly is replacing 0186639Z01
$31.50 $35.00 You save: $3.50
Motorola 0186655Z01, 0186655Z01: The 0186655Z01 Motorola Limited Keypad 5 Pack
$7.40 $7.50 You save: $0.10
Motorola 0186655Z02, 0186655Z02: The 0186655Z02 Motorola is the Full Keypad
Motorola 0304726J05, 0304726J05, 0304726J04: The 0304726J05 Motorola Screw Pack is for radio chassis assembly. 0304726J05 SCREW, TORX T-6 - PK/50. 0304726J05 is replacing 0304726J04. See Inset photo #15 for Screw Location
Motorola 0980683Z03, 0980683Z03: The 0980683Z03 Motorola Audio Jack (Mono & Stereo)
$13.75 $14.00 You save: $0.25
Motorola 1586391Z01, 1586391Z01: The 1586391Z01 Motorola is a Plain Front Housing
Motorola 1586391Z02, 1586391Z02: The 1586391Z02 Motorola Housing is the Limited Keypad Display Front Housing
Motorola 1586391Z03, 1586391Z03: The 1586391Z03 Motorola Front Housing features Full Keypad and Display
Motorola 1586437Z02, 1586437Z02, 1586437Z01: The 1586437Z02 Motorola Audio Jack Shroud for the Accessory Port. See Inset photo #12 for 1586437Z02 Location
$13.40 $14.00 You save: $0.60
Motorola 1589451G01, 1589451G01: The 1589451G01 Motorola Clips are the Spacer Clips for chargers WPLN4137 and WPLN4138. The 1589451G01 comes as a 5 Pack

Battery Distributors carries all miscellaneous parts for the PR 400 Portable Radio