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Motorola P110 Radio Antennas

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Motorola 8504762J02, 8504762J02: The 8504762J02 Motorola Antenna features VHF Band, Whip Antenna, 155-174 MHz, 5.5 Inches, One Piece Finish, Steel Core, and Spiral Wound Conductor


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Motorola 8505816K24, 8505816K24, 8505816K07: The 8505816K24 Motorola Antenna features UHF Band, Stubby Style, 403-440 MHz, 3 Inch Length. The Motorola 8505816K24 Antenna replaced 8505816K07
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Motorola 8505816K25, 8505816K25: The 8505816K25 Motorola Antenna features UHF, 438-470 MHz, without Dimple, Heliflex Stubby Style, 3 Inches 9cm Length
$10.40 $12.25 You save: $1.85

Motorola 8505816K26, 8505816K26: The 8505816K26 Motorola Antenna features UHF Band, Heliflex Stubby, 3 Inch, 470-512 MHz. Heliflex antennas are specifically engineered for maximum output and greatest communication coverage


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Motorola HAD9728B, HAD9728B, HAD9728: The HAD9728B Motorola Antenna features VHF, Tunable, 6 Inch Length, 136-175 MHz, Heliflex Style and comes with instruction sheet for proper cutting locations
$9.90 $13.50 You save: $3.60

Motorola NAD6579A, NAD6579A, NAD6579: The NAD6579A Motorola Antenna features VHF Band, Whip Style, 148-161 MHz, 7.5 Inch Length, Flexible Whip Style. Whip Antennas have a one-piece finish, steel core, and spiral wound conductor for optimal radiation characteristics

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