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Motorola MT 1000 Radio Antennas

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Motorola 8505309N10, 8505309N10: The 8505309N10 Motorola Antenna features UHF Band, 440-470 Mhz and works on Public Safety Mic

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Motorola 8505816K23, 8505816K23: The 8505816K23 Motorola Antenna features VHF Band, Helical Style, High Band, 162-174 MHz , 6 Inch Length. The Motorola 8505816K23 Replaced NAD6473A
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Motorola 8505816K24, 8505816K24, 8505816K07: The 8505816K24 Motorola Antenna features UHF Band, Stubby Style, 403-440 MHz, 3 Inch Length. The Motorola 8505816K24 Antenna replaced 8505816K07
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Motorola 8505816K25, 8505816K25: The 8505816K25 Motorola Antenna features UHF, 438-470 MHz, without Dimple, Heliflex Stubby Style, 3 Inches 9cm Length
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Motorola 8505816K26, 8505816K26: The 8505816K26 Motorola Antenna features UHF Band, Heliflex Stubby, 3 Inch, 470-512 MHz. Heliflex antennas are specifically engineered for maximum output and greatest communication coverage


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Motorola NAB6064B, NAB6064B, NAB6064A, NAB6064: The NAB6064B Motorola Antenna features Color Black, 12 Inch Length, Heliflex Style, Low Band, 30-50 MHz

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