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Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR 6550 Radio Batteries

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Motorola PMNN4065A, PMNN4065: The PMNN4065A Motorola Battery features (IP57 Rated), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), 1300 Milliamps, NON IMPRES


$50.00 $88.00 You save: $38.00

Motorola PMNN4066A, PMNN4066: The PMNN4066A Motorola Battery features IMPRES Technology, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), 1500 Milliamps, IP57 Rated, Submersible


$76.90 $134.00 You save: $57.10

Motorola PMNN4069A, PMNN4069: The PMNN4069A Motorola Battery features IMPRES Technology, Intrinsically Safe (FM), Submersible, (IP57 Rated), 1400mAh, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)


Motorola PMNN4076A, PMNN4076A, PMNN4076: The PMNN4076A Motorola Portable Battery Eliminator is for use with the XPR 6000 Radio Series
$65.00 $112.00 You save: $47.00

Motorola PMNN4077C, PMNN4077A, PMNN4077B, PMNN4077: The PMNN4077C Motorola Battery features IMPRES Technology, IP57 Rated, Submersible, Lithium Li-Ion, 2200 Milliamps


$77.50 $123.00 You save: $45.50

Motorola PMNN4262AR, PMNN4262: The PMNN4262AR Motorola Battery features IMPRES Technology, Submersible, (IP57 Rated), 2850mAh, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)


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Motorola RLN5382C, RLN5382A, RLN5382B, RLN5382: The RLN5382C Motorola Multi Unit Charger Module features the ability to transform a NON DISPLAY 6 unit charger into 1-6 displays


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