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Motorola HT 1250 LS+ Radio Miscellaneous Parts

Motorola 1380525Z01, 1380525Z01: The 1380525Z01 Motorola Escutcheon Color Black,  16 Channel, 5 Pack, No Adhesive
Motorola 1380525Z04, 1380525Z04: The 1380525Z04 Motorola Escutcheon features 4 Channel, Color Black, No Adhesive
Motorola 1380528Z01, 1380528Z01: The 1380528Z01 Motorola Side Control Bezel works with the following radios
Motorola 1386058A01, 1386058A01: The 1386058A01 Motorola Universal Flex Escutcheon comes as a 24 Pack and is used with the following radios
Motorola 1880619Z06, 1880619Z06: The 1880619Z06 Motorola Potentiometer is for the Volume Switch
$29.50 $35.00 You save: $5.50
Motorola 3015829H02, 3015829H02: The 3015829H02 Motorola Replacement Mic Cord Assembly is for PMMN4027 Speaker Mic
$29.90 $35.00 You save: $5.10
Motorola 3085875M04, 3085875M04: The 3085875M04 Motorola is a Replacement 12" Coiled Cable. The 3085875M04 is used with AAHMN9052 and AAHMN9053 Speaker Mics
Motorola 3286406Z01, 3286406Z01, 3280536Z01: The Motorola 3286406Z01 O Ring Gasket was also known as 3280536Z01
Motorola 5104949J18, 5104949J18, 5104949J09: The 5104949J18 Motorola LCD Display Module was also known as 5104949J09 and works with the following radios
Motorola 6180527Z01, 6180527Z01: The 6180527Z01 Motorola Lightpipe can be viewed with Inset photo #7
$17.20 $22.00 You save: $4.80
Motorola 6880906Z54, 6880906Z54: The 6880906Z54 Motorola Basic Manual is used with radios listed below
Motorola 6881088C46, 6881088C46: The 6881088C46 Motorola Basic Manual is used with radios listed below

Battery Distributors carries all miscellaneous parts for the HT 1250 LS+ Portable Radio