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Motorola HT 1000 Radio Chargers and Conditioners

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Motorol 0180305J70, 0180305J70: The 0180305J70 Motorola Impres Guide allows the user to see benefit statements as well as application examples. The Guide is also interactive to the Impres System

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Motorola 2580600E05, 2580600E05: The 2580600E05 Motorola Transformer features 120V, (US) Plug and the ability to utilize the Travel Charger in your vehicle or by pluging into a wall outlet. The 2580600E05 is the TRANSFORMER ONLY. The Travel Charger DC Cord plugs into the AC Transformer Cord

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Motorola 2580600E07, 2580600E07: The 2580600E07 Motorola Transformer features 230V, (UK) Plug and the ability to utilize the Travel Charger in your vehicle or by pluging into a wall outlet. The 2580600E07 is the Transformer ONLY


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Motorola 3004209T03, 3004209T03: The 3004209T03 Motorola Power Cord is an IMPRES Power Cord and is a replacement cord for the WPLN4111AR Impres Charger


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The 3060665A04 Motorola Cord features versatile Interchangeability, 120V, US Plug


The 3060665A05 Motorola Cord features versatile Interchangeability, 220V, Euro Plug

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Motorola 3080384M21, 3080384M21: The 3080384M21 Motorola Original DC Hard Wire Cable for Conditioning Charger for vehicular installations. Includes a 3 amp fuse assembly. The 3080384M21 Cable gives you the ability for charging and conditioning NiCd and NiMH batteries in your vehicle


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Motorola CDN6364A, CDN6364A, CDN6364: The CDN6364A Motorola BMS Adapter Plate gives you the ability to maintain and charge NiCd and NiMh batteries. The CDN6364A Adapter works with the 3 Unit NDN4005 & NDN4006 and the 6 Unit WPLN4079, WPLN4080 and WPLN4081

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Motorola NDN4005B, NDN4005: The NDN4005 Motorola Battery Maintenance System (BMS) features Three Station, 110 AC, 50/60 Hz, Serial Printer Port (RS-232)


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Motorola NLN7967A, NLN7967: The NLN7967A Motorola Mounting Bracket features Easy Assembly, Comes with screws. Will fit most Motorola Multi Unit Chargers

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Motorola NNTN7392A, NNTN7392: The NNTN7392A Motorola IMPRES Battery Reader features the ability to access charging, reconditioning and key usage data that can affect overall battery performance. When keeping batteries in peak condition, talk time and cycle life are optimized, reducing battery replacement costs

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Motorola NNTN7677A, NNTN7677: The NNTN7677A Motorola Impres Fleet Management Charger Interface Unit (CIU) attaches to an IMPRES multi-unit charger to enable the data transfer to IMPRES Fleet Management

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