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Motorola EX600 Radio Remote Speaker Mics

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Motorola BDN6768A, BDN6768A, BDN6768: The BDN6768A Motorola Ear Mic features Bone Conduction Ear Mic, Color Black and Transmits through Bone Vibrations. Ear Mic offers the ability for the user to stay hands free and not loose communications. Bone Conduction works with sound vibrations in the Inner Ear Bone and Receive's & Transmits. The Earpiece Plugs into the Module or 3.5mm Adapter

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Motorola PMMN4022A, PMMN4022A, PMMN4022: The PMMN4022A Motorola Speaker Mic features Coiled Cord, 3.5mm Accessory Port

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Motorola PMMN4023A, PMMN4023A, PMMN4023: The PMMN4023A Motorola Speaker Mic features Coiled Cord, IP57 Rated, Does Not Have 3.5mm accessory port

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