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Motorola EX560 XLS Radio Miscellaneous Parts

Motorola 1171513L01, 1171513L01: The 1171513L01 Motorola Adhesive Top Control is used with Top Escutcheon. See Inset photo #5 for 1171513L01 and location
Motorola 1405307X01, 1405307X01: The 1405307X01 Motorola Kapton Insulator can be viewed with Inset photo #31
Motorola 1416418H01, 1416418H01: The 1416418H01 Motorola Microphone Rubber Boot is shown at Inset photo #27
Motorola 2113944F01, 2113944F01: The 2113944F01 Motorola Capacitor Chip is rated at 100PF, +5%, -5%, 50V-DC, 0805, C0G, -55DEG CMIN, 125DEG CMAX.  The 2113944F01 Capacitor can be viewed for location with Inset photo #30
Motorola 2771505L01, 2771505L01: The 2771505L01 Motorola is the Radio Chassis and location can be viewed with Inset photo #43, also view second photo for proper removal of chassis
Motorola 3271506L01, 3271506L01: The 3271506L01 Motorola Top Control Seal can be viewed with Inset photo #12
Motorola 3271516L01, 3271516L01: The 3271516L01 Motorola Main O-Ring can be viewed with Inset photo #42
Motorola 3271570L01, 3271570L01: The 3271570L01 Motorola Membrane Breathing Vent also known as a Port Seal can be viewed with Inset photo #44
Motorola 3280534Z03, 3280534Z03: The 3280534Z03 Motorola Battery Contact Seal can be viewed with Inset photo #41
Motorola 3371478L01, 3371478L01: The 3371478L01 Motorola Breathing Vent Label comes as a 5 Pack and can be viewed with Inset photo #45
Motorola 3571525L01, 3571525L01: The 3571525L01 Motorola Speaker Mesh for Limited and Full Keypad Models. See Inset photo #25 for picture and location
Motorola 3680529Z01, 3680529Z01: The 3680529Z01 Motorola Knob features Polyurethane Plastic and is a Volume Knob

Battery Distributors carries all miscellaneous parts for the EX560 XLS Portable Radio