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Motorola EX500 Radio Miscellaneous Parts

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Motorola 0104031G98, 0104031G98: The 0104031G98 Motorola Housing features Front Housing, Non-Key and PTT Assembly

Motorola 0180305J46, 0180305J46: The 0180305J46 Motorola CD-ROM discusses the bone conduction technology used in these accessories, and shows how the product features can benefit Public Safety workers plus users in other target markets


Motorola 3202000P15, 3202000P15: The 3202000P15 Motorola features Rubber Top Seal Control. See Inset photo #12 for 3202000P15 location
Motorola 3680529Z01, 3680529Z01: The 3680529Z01 Motorola Knob features Polyurethane Plastic and is a Volume Knob
Motorola 3680530Z02, 3680530Z02: The 3680530Z02 Motorola Knob features Polyurethane Plastic and is a Frequency Knob
Motorola 6102001P10, 6102001P10: The 6102001P10 Motorola Lightpipe is for use with the EX500 Radio. See Inset photo #6 for 6102001P10 location
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Motorola 6881094C00, 6881094C00: The 6881094C00 Motorola Basic Service Manual is for use with EX500, EX600, EX560 XLS, EX600 XLS
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Motorola 6881094C21, 6881094C21: The 6881094C21 Motorola Detailed Service Manual is for use with EX500 Radio, EX600 Radio, EX560 XLS Radio, EX600 XLS Radio
Motorola AAJMKN4123A, AAJMKN4123A: The AAJMKN4123A is the Motorola PROGRAMING TEST CABLE AMERICAS. Programming Test cable connects radio to RIB
Motorola AAJMKN4124A, AAJMKN4124A: The AAJMKN4124A is the Motorola CLONING CABLE AMERICAS
Motorola JMLN4638A, JMLN4638A, JMLN4638: The JMLN4638A Motorola Accessory Port Dust Cover can be viewed with Inset photo #13 for picture and location
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Motorola PMLN4455B, PMLN4455B, PMLN4455A, PMLN4455: The PMLN4455B Motorola Adapter features 3.5mm Threaded Accessory Port and Screw Connect for secure attachment

Battery Distributors carries all miscellaneous parts for the EX500 Portable Radio