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Motorola DTR650 Radio Chargers and Conditioners

$144.00 $200.00 You save: $56.00

Motorola 53960, 53960: The 53960 Motorola Charger Features 6 Unit Charger, 110V AC and Charges the DTR Radio Series


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Motorola 53962, 53962: The 53962 Motorola Charger features Charging Base Only, (AC Adapter NOT included). 110V AC and charges the DTR Radio Series


$9.30 $30.00 You save: $20.70

Motorola 53969, 53969, NNTN4963A, NNTN4963C, NNTN4963: The 53969 Motorola Charger features Single Charger, 110V AC and for use with DTR Radio Series


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