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Motorola DTR410 Radio Miscellaneous Parts

Motorola 0105950U15, 0105950U15: The 0105950U15 Motorola Data Cable allows you to connect your DTR Series Radio to your PC and program it using the CPS Sofware, making it easier than using the internal menu. The Programming software CPS can be downloaded for free from www.motorola.com/dtr. PC/Laptop must be equipped with 9-pin serial port
Motorola 3815124H02, 3815124H02: The 3815124H02 Motorola PTT Button is for the DTR Radio Series
Motorola 3875291B01, 3875291B01: The 3875291B01 Motorola PTT Plunger is for use with the DTR Radio Series
Motorola NNTN6390A, NNTN6390A, NNTN6390: The NNTN6390A Motorola Battery Cover features Color Black, Lock and used with DTR Radio Series

Battery Distributors carries all miscellaneous parts for the DTR410 Portable Radio