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Motorola CP200d Radio Surveillance Kits & Earpieces

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Motorola 5080384F72, 5080384F72: The 5080384F72 Motorola Ear Plugs features Pack of 50, Attenuating Plug, Color Yellow, High Noise Protection, Rated 24dB and will fit on most Acoustical Coiled Earpiece's in place of the Mushroom tip


$27.50 $35.00 You save: $7.50

Motorola BDN6720A, BDN6720A, BDN6720: The BDN6720A Motorola Earpiece features Color Black, 1 Wire, Receive Only Earpiece, Flexible Earloop Style and Speaker that rests external to the ear

$31.00 $40.00 You save: $9.00

Motorola HMN9036A, HMN9036A, HMN9036: The HMN9036A Motorola Earpiece features 2 Wire, Earbud Pellet Style, Clothing Clip, PTT and Mini Mic


$85.90 $114.00 You save: $28.10

Motorola HMN9754D, HMN9754D, HMN9754: The HMN9754D Motorola Surveillance Kit features Color Beige, 2 Wire, Mic and PTT Combined, Clothing Clip and Ear Loop Style

$18.95 $26.00 You save: $7.05
Motorola PMLN4444A, PMLN4444A, PMLN4444: The PMLN4444A Motorola Earpiece features Over the Ear Style, Adjustable Boom Mic, Inline PTT, PTT/VOX Switch


$33.80 $43.00 You save: $9.20

Motorola PMLN4606A, PMLN4606A, PMLN4606: The PMLN4606A Motorola Surveillance Kit features 2 Wires, Acoustical Tube, Coiled Tube, Mushroom Tip, PTT and Direct Radio Connect

$18.50 $23.00 You save: $4.50
The Motorola PMLN5807A is an OEM Surveillance Kit. The PMLN5807A comes with In Line PTT, Swivel Ear Piece and Clothing Clip
$449.00 $550.00 You save: $101.00
The PMLN7696A Motorola Discreet Earpiece Kit features Wireless Receiver, Inductive Neckloop, 6 Spare Batteries, 5 Spare Earguards and the ability for users to communicate with ease, in full privacy, without visible equipment. The PMLN7696A Surveillance Kit Ear Receiver is discreetly hidden in the ear, where it can be worn comfortably for long periods of time and offers a full range of audio functions including automatic squelch, automatic gain control and noise filtering. Average battery life is approximately 100 hours and includes an end-of-life warning signal when the battery needs to be changed. For use with any standard 2 or 3-Wire Motorola surveillance kits. Just remove the earpiece from any standard 2 or 3 wire surveillance accessory and plug in the neckloop which is easily hidden under clothing
$14.00 $20.50 You save: $6.50

Motorola RLN4760A, RLN4760A, RLN4760: The RLN4760A Motorola Earpiece features Soft Hygenic Rubber and Size Small Right Ear

$6.00 $20.50 You save: $14.50

Motorola RLN4761A, RLN4761A, RLN4761: The RLN4761A Motorola Earpiece features Soft Hygenic Rubber and Size Medium Right Ear

$6.00 $20.50 You save: $14.50

Motorola RLN4762A, RLN4762A, RLN4762: The RLN4762A Motorola Earpiece features Soft Hygenic Rubber and Size Large Right Ear


$6.00 $20.50 You save: $14.50

Motorola RLN4763A, RLN4763A, RLN4763: The RLN4763A Motorola Earpiece features Soft Hygenic Rubber and Size Small Left Ear


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