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Motorola CP200 Radio Holsters, Holders & Clips

Motorola 0980683Z03, 0980683Z03: The 0980683Z03 Motorola Audio Jack (Mono & Stereo)
$4.00 $5.00 You save: $1.00

Motorola 1505596Z02, 1505596Z02: The 1505596Z02 Motorola Strap for extending sizes larger than 40 Inches. This strap is compatible with HLN6602A Chest Pack and RLN4570A Break A Way Chest Pack


$14.30 $20.00 You save: $5.70

Motorola 4200865599, 4200865599: The 4200865599 Motorola Belt features Genuine Hard Leather, 1.75" Wide and Color Black

$4.05 $5.00 You save: $0.95

Motorola 4280384F89, 4280384F89: The 4280384F89 Motorola Extension Belt allows for the extension of the waist belts of the RadioPak and Chest Packs and is Designed for waists larger than 40 inches. The 4280384F89 Belt Extender fits RLN4815A Waist Pack, HLN6602 Universal Radio Pack and RLN4570 Break-A-Way Chest Pack


$31.00 $38.00 You save: $7.00

Motorola HLN6602A, HLN6602A, HLN6602: The HLN6602A Motorola Chest Pack features Pen Holder and Velcro Secured Pouch. This item will fit virtually every radio model which some may not be listed here


$4.50 $6.00 You save: $1.50

Motorola HLN8255B, HLN8255B, HLN8255: The HLN8255B Motorola Belt Clip features Color Black, 3 Inches, Spring Action

$19.50 $24.00 You save: $4.50

Motorola HLN9701B, HLN9701B, HLN9701: The HLN9701B Motorola Carry Case features Durable Nylon, Snap Close Belt Loop, D Rings, Radio Strap, Flexible & Lightweight, Short DTMF and can be used with NiCd, NiMH, and Li-ion batteries


$26.60 $36.00 You save: $9.40

Motorola HLN9985B, HLN9985B, HLN9985: The HLN9985B Motorola Waterproof Carry Bag features Durable Clear Plastic, Long Carry Strap, Fastener that keeps moisture away from radio, Waterproof and will fit virtually any Motorola Radio


$38.70 $54.25 You save: $15.55

Motorola RLN4570A, RLN4570A, RLN4570: The RLN4570A Motorola Chest Pack features Protection for radio in ruff environments and provides the freedom from holding it during standby communication mode, Break-a-way Tabs that allow the entire pack to be pulled off with approximately 10 pounds of pressure. The pack fits virtually any radio and also has a pen holder and velcro secured pouch


$35.45 $45.00 You save: $9.55

Motorola RLN4815A, RLN4815A, RLN4815: The RLN4815A Motorola RadioPAk features Durable Nylon Construction, Lightweight, Additional 6 x 8 Inch Zipper Pouch for other on-the-job necessities, Adjustable woven nylon belt fits both men and women and Will virtually fit almost every radio


$26.90 $39.00 You save: $12.10

Motorola RLN5383A, RLN5383A, RLN5383: The RLN5383A Motorola Holster features Hard Leather, Belt Loop, D Rings and T Strap

$34.90 $45.00 You save: $10.10

Motorola RLN5384B, RLN5384B, RLN5384A, RLN5384: The RLN5384B Motorola Holster features Hard Leather, 2.5" Swivel Belt Loop, T Strap and D Rings


RLN5384B: The RLN5384B is a Motorola Original Hard Leather Case with 2.5" High Activity Swivel Belt Loop and D Rings for shoulder strap. Compatible Radio Models: RLN5384B, CP150, CP200, EP450, PR400, 



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