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Motorola CP150 Radio Miscellaneous Parts

Motorola 0304726J05, 0304726J05, 0304726J04: The 0304726J05 Motorola Screw Pack is for radio chassis assembly. 0304726J05 SCREW, TORX T-6 - PK/50. 0304726J05 is replacing 0304726J04. See Inset photo #15 for Screw Location
Motorola 0386434Z01, 0386434Z01: The 0386434Z01 Motorola is Thread Forming Screws. See Inset photo #20 for 0386434Z01 Location
Motorola 0786433Z02, 0786433Z02: The 0786433Z02 Motorola is the Speaker Retainer . See Inset photo #21 for 0786433Z02 Location
Motorola 0980683Z03, 0980683Z03: The 0980683Z03 Motorola Audio Jack (Mono & Stereo)
Motorola 1386440Z02, 1386440Z02: The 1386440Z02 Motorola Escutcheon is for 16 Channel Radios. See inset photo #4 for location of Escutcheon
Motorola 1586437Z02, 1586437Z02, 1586437Z01: The 1586437Z02 Motorola Audio Jack Shroud for the Accessory Port. See Inset photo #12 for 1586437Z02 Location
Motorola 1880619Z06, 1880619Z06: The 1880619Z06 Motorola Potentiometer is for the Volume Switch
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Motorola 2786389Z02, 2786389Z02, 2786389Z01: The 2786389Z02 Motorola is a Die Cast Zinc Alloy Chassis. See Inset photo #17 for 2786389Z02 Location
Motorola 3286432Z01, 3286432Z01: The 3286432Z01 Motorola Control ELP Gasket works with several radios. See Inset photo #7 for 3286432Z01 location
Motorola 3286435Z01, 3286435Z01: The 3286435Z01 Motorola Seal, Battery Contact Block. See Inset photo #16 for 3286435Z01 Location
Motorola 3386443Z01, 3386443Z01: The 3386443Z01 Motorola Escutcheon Seal Label is used for several radios. See Inset photo #6 for 3386443Z01 location
Motorola 3586092Z04, 3586092Z04, 3586092Z02, 3502416P03: The 3586092Z04 Motorola is the Speaker Felt and is the Plain Model. See Inset photo #23 for 3586092Z04 Location

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