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Motorola CP125 Radio Chargers and Conditioners

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Motorola 25009297001, 25009297001: The 25009297001 Motorola Transformer features 90-134V AC charger transformer for rapid rate chargers

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Motorola PMLN5200A, PMLN5200A, PMLN5200: The PMLN5200A Motorola Charger features Rapid-Rate and 120 Volt. Includes EPNN9288A and Motorola PMTN4086A Single Unit Rapid Rate Charger


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Motorola PMTN4086A, PMTN4086A, PMTN4086: The PMTN4086A Motorola Charger features Single Unit, Rapid Rate and Base Only. This base must be used with the Rapid Rate Charger Transformer (EPNN9288A) Sold Separately


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Motorola WPLN4203A, WPLN4203A, WPLN4203: The WPLN4203A Motorola Charger features Base Only, 13 Hour Rate, Slow Charger. If you don't have the transformer see part number EPNN7997A

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