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Motorola CP110 Radio Antennas

$18.90 $20.00 You save: $1.10

Motorola RAN4031A, RAN4031A, RAN4031: The RAN4031A Motorola Antenna features UHF Band, Whip Style, 403-470 MHz and 6 Inch Length

$13.20 $20.00 You save: $6.80

Motorola RAN4033A, RAN4033A, RAN4033: The RAN4033A Motorola Antenna features UHF Band, STUBBY Style, ANT R2 450-470 MHz and works with 4 and 5 WATT Radio Only

$13.40 $20.00 You save: $6.60

Motorola RAN4041A, RAN4041A, RAN4041: The RAN4041A Motorola Antenna features VHF Band, 146-174 MHZ, DUAL COIL and 6 Inch Length


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