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Motorola BPR 40 Radio Miscellaneous Parts

$139.75 $162.75 You save: $23.00
Motorola PMDD4001AR, PMDD4001AR, PMDD4001: The PMDD4001AR Motorola PC Board features 150-174 MHz,  5W PCB (NON-EPP) for BPR40 Radio. PMDD4001 is now being replaced by PMDD4005
$139.75 $162.75 You save: $23.00

Motorola PMDD4005AR, PMDD4005AR, PMDD4005: The PMDD4005AR Motorola PC Board features 150-174 MHz, 5W PCB (EPP) and is for BPR40 Radio

$140.75 $155.00 You save: $14.25

Motorola PMDE4001AR, PMDE4001AR, PMDE4001: The PMDE4001AR Motorola PC Board features 450-470 MHz,  4 Watt PC Board (NON-EPP)

$135.00 $162.75 You save: $27.75

Motorola PMDE4005AR, PMDE4005AR, PMDE4005: The PMDE4005AR Motorola PC Board features 450-470 MHz, 4 Watt PCB (EPP)


Motorola PMDN4000AR, PMDN4000AR, PMDN4000: The PMDN4000AR Motorola Housing features BPR40 Radio Front Housing, Color Navy, and Lightpipe

Motorola PMDN4001AR, PMDN4001AR, PMDN4001: The PMDN4001AR Motorola Housing features Color Black, Front Housing and Lightpipe
MOTOROLA PMDN4002AR, PMDN4002AR, PMDN4002: The PMDN4002AR Motorola Nameplate is for BPR40 MAG ONE Radio

Motorola PMDN4004AR, PMDN4004AR, PMDN4004: The PMDN4004AR Motorola A8 NAMEPLATE is for BPR40 Radio 

Motorola PMDN4005AR, PMDN4005AR, PMDN4005: The PMDN4005AR Motorola NAMEPLATE is BPR40 Radio
Motorola PMDN4007AR, PMDN4007AR, PMDN4007: The PMDN4007AR Motorola PTT RUBBER for BPR40 Radio
Motorola PMDN4008AR, PMDN4008AR, PMDN4008: The PMDN4008AR Motorola PTT ESCUTCHEON is NAVY Color and fits BPR40

Motorola PMDN4009AR, PMDN4009AR, PMDN4009: The PMDN4009AR Motorola  PTT ESCUTCHEON is Color Black and for BPR40 Radio

Battery Distributors carries all miscellaneous parts for the BPR 40 Portable Radio