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Motorola BPR 40 Radio Chargers and Conditioners

$19.30 $24.00 You save: $4.70

Motorola 25009297001, 25009297001: The 25009297001 Motorola Transformer features 90-134V AC charger transformer for rapid rate chargers

$19.30 $24.00 You save: $4.70

Motorola EPNN9288A, EPNN9288: The EPNN9288A Motorola Power Supply features 90-134V, AC Charger Transformer, Rapid Rate

$23.25 $27.50 You save: $4.25

Motorola PMLN4685BR, PMLN4685BR, PMLN4685AR, PMLN4685B, PMLN4685A, PMLN4685: The PMLN4685BR Motorola Charger features Base Only, 110 Volts, 6 hour Medium Rate charger. Includes Charger Base Only


$25.80 $30.50 You save: $4.70

Motorola PMLN4738BR, PMLN4738BR, PMLN4738A, PMLN4738AR, PMLN4738: The PMLN4738BR Motorola Charger features 6 Hour Mid Rate, Includes Transformer and works with BPR40 Radio



Motorola PMLN4829AR, PMLN4829AR, PMLN4829: The PMLN4829AR Motorola Transformer features Mid-Rate and 120 Volt


$29.00 $32.50 You save: $3.50

Motorola PMLN5041AR, PMLN5041AR, PMLN5041: The PMLN5041AR Motorola features Tri-Chemistry, Single Unit Base Only


$40.00 $50.00 You save: $10.00

Motorola PMLN5048AR, PMLN5048AR, PMLN5048: The PMLN5048AR Motorola Charger features Tri-Chemistry and Rapid Rate Transformer. This Unit includes the Base and Transformer


$66.00 $84.00 You save: $18.00

Motorola RLN6350A, RLN6350A, RLN6350:The RLN6350A Motorola Bundle Kit features Rapid Rate Charger and Lithium Ion Battery


$324.00 $420.00 You save: $96.00

Motorola RLN6393A, RLN6393A, RLN6393: The RLN6393A Motorola Charger features 6 Drop In Pockets, AC 110 Volts, Individual Status LED's, Tri-Chemistry, Rapid Rate and works with BPR40 Mag One


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