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Motorola APX 900 Radio Antennas

$27.50 $35.75 You save: $8.25
Motorola NAF5088B, NAF5088B, NAF5088A, NAF5088: The NAF5088A Motorola Antenna features Flexible Whip Style, 896-941 MHz and 7 Inches long
$15.80 $21.50 You save: $5.70
Motorola PMAD4088B, PMAD4088B, PMAD4088A, PMAD4088: The PMAD4088B Motorola Antenna features VHF, 136-174 MHz, 8 Inches 21cm Length, Wideband and Flexible Whip Style. NO GPS
$9.20 $11.00 You save: $1.80
Motorola PMAD4093A, PMAD4093A, PMAD4093A: The PMAD4093A Motorola Antenna features Stubby Style, VHF, 136-147 MHz, 11cm (4.25 inches) and Does Not Have GPS
$9.20 $11.00 You save: $1.80
Motorola PMAD4094A, PMAD4094A, PMAD4094: The PMAD4094A Motorola Antenna features Stubby Style, VHF, 147-160 MHz, 11cm (4.25 INCHES) and Does Not Have GPS
$9.20 $11.00 You save: $1.80
Motorola PMAD4095A, PMAD4095A, PMAD4095: The PMAD4095A Motorola Antenna features VHF, Stubby Style, 160-174 MHz, 11cm 4.25 Inches and Without GPS
$22.70 $29.00 You save: $6.30

The PMAE4001A Antenna features UHF Band, 380-470 MHz, Stubby, 9cm Length


$7.90 $10.25 You save: $2.35
Motorola PMAE4022B, PMAE4022B, PMAE4022A, PMAE4022: The PMAE4022B Motorola Antenna features UHF, 403-470 MHz, 6.25 Inches 16cm Length, Flexible Whip Style
$7.50 $10.50 You save: $3.00
Motorola PMAE4049A, PMAE4049A, PMAE4049: The PMAE4049A Motorola Antenna features UHF, Flexible Whip, 450-527 MHz, 16cm 6.25 Inches and Without GPS
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