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Motorola APX 7000 Radio Miscellaneous Parts & Accessories


Motorola 0275361H01, 0275361H01: 0275361H01 for APX7000,  Nut, Spanner, Volume



Motorola 0275891B01, 0275891B01: 0275891B01 Motorola Nut, Spanner, Antenna for APX7000 Radio

The 0378372A01 Motorola Thumb Screw is the replacement Screw for the APX and XPR Speaker Mics

Motorola 0405659W01, 0405659W01: The 0405659W01 Motorola Washer, Wave, Volume is for the APX7000 Portable Radio


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Motorola 1375044C04, 1375044C04: The 1375044C04 is for the Motorola  APX7000 Radio. Assembly, Control Top. 1375044C04 is replacing 1375044C02 and 1375044C01


Motorola 1575250H01, 1575250H01: The 1575250H01 Motorola Dust Cover is the Accessory Port Cover

Motorola 3271816H01, 3271816H01: The 3271816H01 Motorola Seal, Speaker, Dataside is for APX7000 Radio



Motorola 3275002C02, 3275002C02: The 3275002C02 Motorola Seal, Membrane, Microphone is for APX7000


Motorola 3275031C01, 3275031C01: The 3275031C01 Motorola Seal, Control Cap is for the APX7000 Radio


Motorola 3275033C01, 3275033C01: The 3275033C01 Motorola O Ring, Antenna, Main is for the APX7000 Radio



Motorola 3275377H01,  3275377H01: The 3275377H01 Motorola Seal Cap works with APX7000 


Motorola 3375622B01, 3375622B01: The 3375622B01 Motorola Label, Housing, Dataside is for the APX7000 Radio


Battery Distributors carries all miscellaneous parts for the APX 7000 Portable Radio