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Motorola APX 4000 Radio Miscellaneous Parts

The 0378372A01 Motorola Thumb Screw is the replacement Screw for the APX and XPR Speaker Mics

Motorola 36012020002, 36012020002: The 36012020002 Motorola Knob features Channel and Volume, Color Black and if for APX 4000 Radio


$54.10 $73.00 You save: $18.90

Motorola BDN6783B, BDN6783B, BDN6783A, BDN6783: The BDN6783A Motorola Adapter features Threaded 3.5mm Port, Port Cover, Quick Disconnect and PTT


$59.90 $65.00 You save: $5.10

Motorola NNTN7869A, NNTN7869A, NNTN7869: The NNTN7869A Motorola Key Loader features 6 Pin Hirose Adapter to connect to the KVL4000 Keyloader for Programming and can be use with some 6 Pin Surveillance Kits


$360.00 $401.00 You save: $41.00
Motorola NNTN8737A: The NNTN8737A Motorola Adapter is for use with the wireless pods and allows the use of off the shelf 3.5mm earbuds
Motorola NTN4265A, NTN4265A, NTN4265: The NTN4265A Motorola Pressure Pump for Field Install Kit and Requires NTN9279 Adapter Kit

Motorola PMKN4012B, PMKN4012B, PMKN4012A, PMKN4012: The Motorola PMKN4012B Programming Cable is used with the MotoTRBO XPR, APX and SRX Radio Series



Motorola PMKN4013C, PMKN4013C, PMKN4013A, PMKN4013B, PMKN4013: The PMKN4013C Motorola Programming Cable is for Radio Test and Alignment of the APX, SRX and XPR Radio Series


$416.00 $460.00 You save: $44.00

Motorola PMLN5903AD, PMLN5903D, PMLN5903A, PMLN5903B, PMLN5903C, PMLN5903: The PMLN5903D Motorola Housing features Full Keypad, Front Only Housing, M3 Model and is for APX 2000 and APX 4000 Radio's. Does NOT inclued Label or Back


Motorola PMLN5907D, PMLN5907D, PMLN5907A, PMLN5907B, PMLN5907C, PMLN5907: The PMLN5907D Motorola Housing Kit features Limited Keypad, Front Housing, M2 Model and is for APX 2000 Radio and APX 4000 Radio. Does NOT include Label or Back


$219.00 $275.00 You save: $56.00

Motorola RLN4921A, RLN4921A, RLN4921: The RLN4921A Motorola Wireless Earpiece features discreet covert surveillance, Inserts into ear opening without any wires. This RLN4921A is the replacement earpiece only and does not include neckloop. The RLN4921A Wireless Earpiece enables users to communicate with ease, in full privacy, without visible equipment


Motorola WPLN6904A, WPLN6904A, WPLN6904: The WPLN6904A Motorola KVL Keyload Cable for APX Series Radio. The WPLN6904A is used with the KVL 3000+ Keyloader

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