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Motorola APX 3000 Radio Batteries

$82.00 $100.00 You save: $18.00

Motorola NNTN8128AR, NNTN8128AR: The NNTN8128AR Motorola Battery features  Impres Technology, Lithium Ion Chemistry, 2000 Milliamps, Slim Design, Rated IP67 Submersible and Designed to be used with the APX and XPR line of portable radios


$82.00 $100.00 You save: $18.00

Motorola NNTN8128BR, NNTN8128BR, NNTN8128: The NNTN8128BR Motorola Battery features Submersible, Slim Battery, IMPRES Technology, 2000mah, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Chemistry, (IP67 Rated)


$107.00 $132.00 You save: $25.00

Motorola NNTN8129AR, NNTN8129AR, NNTN8129: The NNTN8129AR Motorola Battery features IMPRES Technology, FM Approved Intrinsically Safe, 2300mAh, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), Rated IP57, Submersible


$91.00 $130.00 You save: $39.00

Motorola NNTN8305AR Lithium Ion Battery with Impres Technology. Rated 1250-1300mAh and IP67 Submersible. Works with some APX and XPR radio series, This battery does not come with a Belt Clip Slot, you can purchase separately the Plastic Carry Holder PMLN6327A for use with the APX3000 Radio

$60.55 $112.00 You save: $51.45

Motorola PMNN4409BR, PMNN4409AR, PMNN4409: The PMNN4409AR Motorola Battery features IMPRES Technology, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), 2250 Milliamps, Rated (IP67), Submersible


$94.00 $115.00 You save: $21.00

Motorola PMNN4424AR, PMNN4424: The PMNN4424AR Motorola Radio Battery features 2300 mAh, (Rated IP67) Submersible, IMPRES and Lithium Ion

Non FM Intrinsically Safe


$57.95 $98.00 You save: $40.05

Motorola PMNN4435AR, PMNN4435A, PMNN4435: The PMNN4435AR Motorola Battery features Lithium Ion (LiIon), 1400 Milliamps, IP57 Rated, Submersible, NON Impres


$95.00 $125.00 You save: $30.00

Motorola PMNN4448AR, PMNN4448AR, PMNN4448: The PMNN4448AR Motorola Battery features IMPRES Technology, 2800mAh, Li-Ion, (Rated IP67)



$141.00 $150.00 You save: $9.00

Motorola PMNN4489A, PMNN4489A, PMNN4489: The PMNN4489A Motorola Battery features IMPRES Technology, 2900mAh, Li-Ion, (Rated IP68)



$76.00 $100.00 You save: $24.00

Motorola PMNN4491A, PMNN4491A, PMNN4491: The PMNN4491A Motorola Battery features IMPRES Technology, 2100mAh, Li-Ion, (Rated IP68)



$102.00 $127.00 You save: $25.00

Motorola PMNN4493A, PMNN4493A, PMNN4493: The PMNN4493A Motorola Battery features IMPRES Technology, 3000mAh, Li-Ion, (Rated IP68)



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