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Motorola APX 1000 Radio Headsets & Boom Mics

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The 3280376E35 Motorola O Ring is a replacement for the Boom Mic Windscreen

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Motorola HLN6602A, HLN6602A, HLN6602: The HLN6602A Motorola Chest Pack features Pen Holder and Velcro Secured Pouch. This item will fit virtually every radio model which some may not be listed here


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Motorola PMLN5096A, PMLN5096A, PMLN5096: The PMLN5096A Motorola Earpiece features D Style, with Boom Mic and In-Line PTT, Clothing Clip

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Motorola PMLN5101A, PMLN5101A, PMLN5101: The PMLN5101A Motorola Temple Transducer features IMPRES Technology, Inline PTT and Noise Cancelling Boom Mic


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Motorola PMLN5102A, PMLN5102A, PMLN5102: The PMLN5102A Motorola Headset features Ultra Light Weight, Behind the Head Style, Single Ear Reception, Boom Mic, In-Line Push-to-Talk (PTT)

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Motorola PMLN5275C, PMLN5275A, PMLN5275B, PMLN5275: The PMLN5275C Motorola Radio Headset features Heavy Duty Behind the Head Style, 24dB Noise Reduction Rating, Ear Cup PTT, Noise Cancelling Boom Mic, Dual Ear Muff, Flexible Boom Mic, Great for Noisy Environments. The PMLN5275C Can be worn with or without Helmet


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Motorola PMLN6088A, PMLN6088A, PMLN6088: The PMLN6088A Motorola Headset features Heavy Duty, Over-The-Head Style, 24dB Noise Reduction Rating, 25dB, Noise Cancelling Boom Mic, Dual Ear Muff, Flexible Boom Mic, Great for Noisy Environments and comes Nexus Male Plug


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Motorola PMLN6095A, PMLN6095A, PMLN6095: The PMLN6095A Motorola PTT Nexus Adapter features Coiled Cord, PTT, Nexus Female Connector to Headset Nexus Male, Swivel Clothing Clip and Large PTT easy to operate with gloves

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Motorola PMLN6765A, PMLN6765A, PMLN6765: The PMLN6765A Motorola Tactical Interface PTT/VOX features High performance interface enhanced by high speed DSP (Digital Signal Processor) which only detects the human voice and the ability to connect different headset equipment

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Motorola PMLN6766A, PMLN6766A, PMLN6766: The PMLN6766A Motorola Tactical Boomless Temple Transducer features the ability to transmit and receive through the temple transducers, can be worn with or without helmet



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Motorola PMLN6767A, PMLN6767A, PMLN6767: The PMLN6767A Motorola Tactical Remote Body PTT features Large PTT, Clothing Clip, Ability to place the PTT in an easy to reach spot for easy communications during stressful or high activity situations, comes with Quick Disconnect and connects to the Interface Module



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Motorola PMLN6827A, PMLN6827A, PMLN6827: The PMLN6827A Motorola Tactical Interface PTT features the ability to connect different headset equipment


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