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XTL 2500 Radio Mics

$47.00 $58.00 You save: $11.00
The GMMN4065D comes with Visor Clip and works with analog and digital radios
$224.00 $320.00 You save: $96.00
The HMN4079G Motorola Mobile Mic featues Enhanced Keypad, Ability to Dial Phone Numbers and Send Text Messages, Coiled Cord, Navigation Buttons, 3 Programmable Button and Attaches easily to front connector of mobile control head
$75.00 $99.00 You save: $24.00
The PMMN4089A comes with Coiled Cord, Enhanced Keypad and Digitally Designed
$32.20 $40.00 You save: $7.80
The PMMN4090A comes with Coiled Cord and Direct Connect
XTL 2500 Radio Mics