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Battery Charger for AA and AAA

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This AC/DC Battery Charger is packed with Power and Options. The AC/DC Battery Charger features AA and AAA charging, 3 1/2 Hour Rapid Charge, 4 Independent Charging Bays, Auto Shut Off with 30mAh Trickle Charge so you don't have to remove batteries, 2 Color LED for each Bay, 110V Wall Outlet Plug, DC Power Adapter Cord for traveling in your vehicle and INCLUDES 4 AA Rechargeable Batteries

Battery Distributors carries one of the best and most affordable battery charger for AA batteries and AAA batteries. This Battery Charger is capable of charging AA and AAA at the same time. The benefit of having a battery charger for AA and AAA batteries is endless. The Battery Charger only charges rechargeable AA and AAA batteries not the standard Alkaline