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Motorola XTS 4000 Radio Miscellaneous Parts

Motorola 1385783C01, 1385783C01: The 1385783C01 Motorola Top Escutcheon is used with XTS2500 Radio
Motorola 6871618L01, 6871618L01: The 6871618L01 Motorola User Guide is for use with XTS 4000 Radio. This item introduces you to your new radio and explains how to operate it. It describes general radio operation and commonly used radio features
Motorola 6871619L01, 6871619L01: The 6871619L01 Motorola Basic Service Manual and is for use with XTS 4000 Radio
Motorola 6871620L01, 6871620L01: The 6871620L01 Motorola Detailed Service Manual and is for use with XTS 4000 Radio
Motorola NKN1027A, NKN1027A, NKN1027: The NKN1027A is the Motorola RS232 Programming Cable
The NKN1029A is the Motorola Programming USB Cable. The NKN1029A offers the ability for performance checks, CPS programming and tuner alignments. The NKN1029A USB CABLE KIT Connects Radio to RLN4460 Portable Test Set
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Motorola NNTN7099B, NNTN7099B, NNTN7099A, NNTN7099: The NNTN7099B Motorola Housing features Bezel CID, Flex Flip, Flip Sub-Assembly, Hinge Cam Silent, Screw 3MT-P975-0 Flip, Label Flip Inner, Pad Flip Stopper, Front Housing Sub-Assembly, Lubricant
$51.50 $55.00 You save: $3.50
Motorola NNTN7100A, NNTN7100A, NNTN7100: The NNTN7100A Motorola Keypade Backer is used with XTS4000 Radio
Motorola NNTN7151A, NNTN7151A, NNTN7151: The NNTN7151A Motorola External Housing Eliminator features the ability for the internal board to be mounted externally and Provides easy access to electronic circuits. The NNTN7151A Eliminator is required for board-level troubleshooting. The NNTN7151A is a Special Order and may have a lead time of 10-20 business days
Motorola NNTN7153A, NNTN7153A, NNTN7153: The NNTN7153A Motorola SMA Conversion features the adaptablility of the Radio's Antenna Port to RF Cabling of test equipment
Motorola NNTN7171A, NNTN7171A, NNTN7171: The NNTN7171A Motorola Field Service Kit CID Bezel comes with Bezel CID, Label Flip Inner
Motorola NNTN7189A, NNTN7189A, NNTN7189: The NNTN7189A Motorola Field Service Kit Adhesive comes with Adhesive Flip Flex - Seal 1 (Backer), Adhesive Flip Flex - Seal 2 (Flip), Adhesive Flip Flex Housing, Adhesive Conductive, Adhesive CE Connector, Adhesive Internal Backer
Battery Distributors carries all miscellaneous parts for the XTS 4000 Portable Radio