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Motorola XTS 4000 Radio Chargers

$33.00 $42.00 You save: $9.00

Motorola NNTN6937A, NNTN6937A, NNTN6937: The NNTN6937A Motorola Charger features Charger Cradle for XTS4000 Radio. This is the Base Unit Only no Power Supply


$84.00 $105.00 You save: $21.00

Motorola NNTN6938A, NNTN6938A, NNTN6938: The NNTN6938A Motorola AC Transformer features 110 Volts, Transformer Only, Quick Disconnect and works with the Charging Cradle NNTN6937


$84.25 $105.00 You save: $20.75

Motorola NNTN6939A, NNTN6939A, NNTN6939: The NNTN6939A Motorola Vehicular Charger features DC Plug, Quick Disconnect, Coiled Cord and works with the XTS4000 Radio Charging Cradle NNTN6937


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