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Motorola Saber Radio Chargers and Conditioners

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Motorol 0180305J70, 0180305J70: The 0180305J70 Motorola Impres Guide allows the user to see benefit statements as well as application examples. The Guide is also interactive to the Impres System

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Motorola WPLN4181AR, WPLN4181AR, WPLN4181A, WPLN4181: The WPLN4181AR Motorola Charger features Multi Unit, 110 Volt, One Display Module and 6 Units
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Motorola WPPN4001BR, WPPN4001BR, WPPN4001: The WPPN4001BR Motorola Adapter Plate is 7V and is for the Astro Saber & Saber Series. The WPPN4001BR works with WPPN4065BR Multi-Unit Conditioning Charger


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Motorola WPPN4065BR, WPPN4065AR, WPPN4065: The WPPN4065BR Motorola Conditioning Charger (MCC) features Multi-Unit (4), 110v, Instant Fault Detection, Each Unit Conditions and Charges Independantly, Conditions NiCad & NiMh


Motorola WPPN4085AR, WPPN4085AR, WPPN4085: The WPPN4085AR Motorola Field Upgrade Kit features the ability to allow your BMS to work with NiCd, NiMh and Li-Ion Batteries.  The WPPN4085AR Upgrade Kit Comes with Instructions, PLCC Extractor, and Microprocessor. The WPPN4085AR Field Upgrade Kit is for WPLN4079, WPLN4080, and WPLN4081 which allows these units to support Li-ion battery chemistries


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