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Motorola Saber I R Radio Surveillance Kits & Earpieces

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Motorola 0180300E25, 0180300E25: The 0180300E25 Motorola Earguard comes with Adjustable Loop and helps keep Earpiece's in place


Motorola 0180305J46, 0180305J46: The 0180305J46 Motorola CD-ROM discusses the bone conduction technology used in these accessories, and shows how the product features can benefit Public Safety workers plus users in other target markets


$27.00 $29.25 You save: $2.25

Motorola 5080370E97, 5080370E97: The 5080370E97 Motorola Eartips features Color Clear, Soft Rubber and is designed to attach/replace the eartip on the acoustical coiled ear tube


$12.00 $15.75 You save: $3.75

Motorola RLN4919A, RLN4919A, RLN4919: The RLN4919A Motorola Ear Wax Guards Pack of 5. The RLN4919A Ear Wax Guards are for the RLN4922 Earpiece Kit and RLN4921 Wireless Earpiece


$58.40 $73.00 You save: $14.60

Motorola RLN4920A, RLN4920A, RLN4920: The RLN4920A Motorola Inductive Neckloop enables users to communicate with ease, in full privacy, without visible equipment. This RLN4920A is the Neckloop ONLY and works with the (RLN4922A Kit Sold Separately). The RLN4920A Neckloop attaches to most standard 2 or 3 Wire Motorola Surveillance kits Sold Separately. Just remove the earpiece from any standard 2 or 3 wire surveillance accessory and plug in the neckloop which is easily hidden under clothing


$219.00 $275.00 You save: $56.00

Motorola RLN4921A, RLN4921A, RLN4921: The RLN4921A Motorola Wireless Earpiece features discreet covert surveillance, Inserts into ear opening without any wires. This RLN4921A is the replacement earpiece only and does not include neckloop. The RLN4921A Wireless Earpiece enables users to communicate with ease, in full privacy, without visible equipment


$16.00 $20.00 You save: $4.00

Motorola RLN6232A, RLN6232A, RLN6232: The RLN6232A Motorola Acoustical Tube features Coiled Tube, Clear Tube, Quick Disconnect, Mushroom Eartip and is designed to attach to most Surveillance kits


$12.80 $15.00 You save: $2.20

Motorola RNN4005A, RNN4005A, RNN4005: The RNN4005A Motorola Battery 6 Pack 1.4 Volt. The RNN4005A Batteries are for the RLN4922A Completely Discreet Earpiece Kit or the RLN4921A Wireless Earpiece


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